Magento payments plugin

Scalable payments solution for fast-growing businesses

With Adyen’s payments platform, you can manage multiple store views from a single integration, while ensuring the best checkout experience in each market. Our plugin for Magento 1.9+ and Magento 2.x is developed in-house, giving you fast access to updates and new features. And our dedicated Magento team is always available to offer support.

  • Easily configure multiple store views
  • In-house development for fast release cycles 
  • Direct access to dedicated support team
  • Compatible with Magento2

Manage multiple store views

By managing multiple store views in a single account you can customize your set-up in each market while keeping a centralized view of all your payments.


We're here to help

Our dedicated Magento team are always on-hand to offer guidance and advice. And check out our detailed documentation for quick set-up guides and FAQs.


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Our Magento plugin is developed and managed in-house, allowing for fast release cycles. We typically release several major updates each year.

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So what can you do with Adyen's Magento plugin?

  • Retain full control of your checkout without the burden of PCI compliance.
  • Automatically display a targeted mix of payment methods for each market.
  • Support subscription and recurring payments. 
  • Control when a payment is captured. 
  • Submit order modifications to capture, refund or cancel a payment.
  • Manually review high-risk transactions before they are captured.

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Information about Adyen's dedicated plugin for Magento2.

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