Apple Pay

Stay on the cutting edge of payments both online and in-store

With Apple Pay you can provide fast checkout experiences to delight your shoppers both online and in-store. Not only will supporting Apple Pay help future-proof your business, but will enable you to provide a seamless, sleek checkout that will set you apart from the competition. Benefits include:

  • A seamless solution in-app, on the web, and in-store
  • Frictionless customer experiences using Touch ID
  • >95% authorization rates
  • Built-in security as a result of tokenization and biometric cardholder verification

Go omnichannel with Adyen and Apple Pay

With a single integration Adyen enables you to support Apple Pay in-app, in store, and on the web in the US, UK, France and Switzerland, and in-app in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. We will continue to roll out Apple Pay support in new markets as they are announced. Better still, for businesses that have contactless payments enabled at the point-of-sale, no additional integration work is required. 

We are a fully certified Apple Partner and support their tokenization standards - so rest assured, your customers' card information is safe.

Shopper flow for Express Checkout


Select Apple Pay

The shopper selects Apple Pay.


Pay with Touch ID

Shopper reviews the order and authenticates the purchase with a fingerprint.


Confirmation page

The shopper reaches the thank you page, the merchant sends the Apple Pay token to Adyen, and the transaction is complete.

Accept Apple Pay with Adyen

Adyen offers a full service Apple Pay solution, including reconcilliation, reporting and settlement services.

Markets UK, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and France (new!)
Settlement currency Various - depending on country
Supported devices Latest iPhone, iPad (in-app and in store) and Apple Watch (in store)
Recurring Transactions Yes
Refunds Yes
Partial Refunds Yes


Ready to integrate?

Ecommerce businesses can support Apple Pay with a direct integration to the Apple Pay framework, and by submitting the Apple Pay payloads using the Adyen API or iOS SDK. 

Customers accepting in store payments using the Adyen Point of Sale solution can contact us to enable contactless payments and start supporting Apple Pay. 

For more information, or to start supporting Apple Pay today, get in touch below: