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Allow customers to pay with cards stored on their Google Accounts

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Hundreds of millions of people add payment cards to their Google Accounts which they can use to check out from any Google product, without having to enter their payment details each time. With the new Google Payment API, you can enable the same effortless checkout experience for your own products and services.

  • Customers can pay with any credit or debit card stored in their Google account.
  • Enable seamless online checkouts in Android apps or on Chrome with a mobile device.
  • Quick and easy integration with your  Android mobile and web checkout.
  • Customers can continue paying with Google on Android.

How Google Pay works on mobile

Select Google Pay

Paying with Google Pay

Shopper clicks 'Buy with G Pay' button


Choose payment method

Choose payment method

Select a stored payment method or add a new one

Confirmation information


Shopper authorizes the merchant to access Google Payment API then clicks 'Submit Order'

Integrate the Google Payment API with Adyen

The following is included in the Adyen Google Pay integration:

Market Global
Settlement currency

All currencies

Channel Ecommerce
Processing currencies All network supported currencies
Recurring transactions Yes
Refunds Yes
Chargebacks Yes


We charge:

Adyen processing fee + payment method fee

Commission per transaction, may differ per region.

We use the Interchange++ pricing model for Visa, Mastercard, and a variety of cards.

Interchange++ consists of the following components:

  • Interchange fee charged by the banks who issued the card
  • Scheme fee charged by the card schemes
  • Applicable acquirer markup
Processing fee Payment method fee
$ 0.12 Interchange++

The Adyen platform supports all key payment methods globally.

See the full list

Ready to integrate?

To support this payment method we offer an integration via the Adyen API. This ensures a seamless experience for customers and means they never touch the Adyen environment. 

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