Create physical or virtual payment cards

Get everything you need to create and manage your card program with our financial technology platform.

Adyen issued card on terminal

Your card program, our tech

Issue physical or virtual cards with your own branding at scale with our advanced and flexible API-integration.

Secure and compliant

Be compliant by default and prevent fraud with card controls and custom authorization.

Unlock revenue and data

Profit from the interchange share, and actionable, connected data insights.

Leverage Adyen Acquiring to instantly fund your card program

Optimize cash flow the clever way. Unlike other card issuers, our unified payments platform means we can bridge your acquiring and card issuing - helping funds flow seamlessly from one side of your business to the other, with nothing tied up in transit.

Diagram with Adyen Issuing, merchant and cardholders

Adyen Issuing Use Cases

Is Adyen Issuing right for you? We provide flexible card programs for a range of enterprise business models and industries.

Embedded Finance

Offer branded physical or virtual cards to the users of your platform or marketplace.

  • Make your users’ incoming funds instantly available on their cards for spending

  • Customize card designs and keep your brand top of mind with every purchase

  • Allow users to receive and spend in one place by combining cards with bank accounts

Payment made on mobile

Supplier Payments

Get funds to your business partners or leisure & travel suppliers instantly with virtual cards.

  • Reduce the risk of error or fraud with one-time or multi-use virtual cards

  • Optimize cash flow by leveraging your acquiring to fund transactions instantly

  • Reconcile easily with linked incoming and outgoing payments

Get all the insights about optimizing your supplier payments setup in our dedicated guide.

Picking up an order in store

Expense management

Streamline expense management and benefit programs with virtual or physical corporate cards.

  • Manage funds with in-depth card controls and intuitive authorization tools

  • Gain insights into transaction data to guide budget allocation better

  • Enjoy fully automated, real-time reconciliation with instant notification and reporting

Explore new ways to enhance your expense management offering with our complete guide.

A person holding their new card

Craft the perfect card payment experience

Whatever your business setup, we can help you issue the right card for your unique needs.

Physical cards

  • Customize onboarding, card branding, and card control rules

  • Enabled for use online, in store, and in app

  • Re-issue when expired, lost, or stolen

Virtual cards

  • Generate single or multi-use cards

  • Send single or batches of cards in preferred formats

  • APIs put automation and scale at your fingertips

Mobile wallets made for any situation

Enhance the experience of your cardholders with convenient digital payments. Cards issued through us can easily be added to mobile wallets for in-store, in-app, and online transactions.

Mobile payment on a terrace

Full control of card usage

Easily manage how funds are spent based on your custom configurations.

Location and time

Approved brands

Sales channel

Industry type

Merchant ID


Manage your card program with ease

Troubleshoot, manage, reconcile: everything you need to manage your program can be found in the Customer Area dashboard. With all your data in the one place, you’ll have full visibility to make real-time adjustments and confident decisions.

Payments overview dashboard

Reliable, transparent pricing

Enjoy fair, no-surprises pricing thanks to our transparent Interchange-- model. Our single API has everything required to run your program, which means no third party integrations or unpredictable costs. Just the freedom to optimize your revenue.

Two people on a bench

Advanced API integration

Our API-first design empowers you to create flexible and scalable solutions on our worldwide, end-to-end payment processing solution.


A complete payments setup on one platform

Send or spend incoming funds with virtual or physical cards on the same infrastructure to accept and process payments. Our financial technology platform allows you to add solutions that work for your customers.

Issuing + Payments

Make funds through payments instantly available for spending on cards issued by Adyen by combining Issuing with our payments solution.

Learn more about Adyen for Platforms

Issuing + Accounts

For Issuing as an embedded financial service, users can access their funds quickly on a bank account embedded in your platform, increasing speed and efficiency.

Learn more about Accounts 

Issuing + Capital

Give platform users access to cash advances which they can immediately spend with a virtual or physical platform branded card. Add spend controls if necessary.

Learn more about Capital

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