Reach Chinese shoppers globally

UnionPay (also known as China UnionPay, CUP or UPI) is the world’s biggest card network with more than 6 billion cards issued. It is widely used by Chinese shoppers internationally as well as domestically. Benefits include:

  • Accept UnionPay debit and credit cards online, in store and in-app
  • Acceptance in more than 125 markets
  • Access to Chinese shoppers at home and abroad
  • Offer ExpressPay, SecurePay or SecurePlus depending your needs
  • The ability to authenticate your shopper
  • Support UnionPay debit and credit cards on a fully certified EMV point of sale terminal

UnionPay shopper flow


Select UnionPay

Shopper chooses UnionPay from the list of available payment methods.


Provide payment details

Shopper provides is redirected to UnionPay page to enter payment details.



Authenticate (Optional)

If required, the shopper provides the SMS code that is sent to their mobile.

Accept UnionPay with Adyen

Adyen offers a full-service UnionPay solution, including reconciliation, reporting and settlement services.

Market China and global
Settlement currencies CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, SGD, USD
Supported channels Ecommerce and point of sale
Recurring payments Yes
Partial refunds Yes
Refunds Yes

Ready to integrate?

To support this payment method, we offer an integration in which the payment page is hosted by Adyen. However, to ensure a seamless experience, the customer is directed straight from your site to the payment method, so the customer never lands on Adyen's page.