Hipercard is a Brazilian card scheme that’s widely accepted in the retail market. Hipercards are issued by Itaú bank and allow you to accept payments in installments. The scheme is processed and settled by Rede, and Adyen supports payments through a direct connection (gateway) with the acquirer for faster processing.

Accepting Hipercard with Adyen includes:

  • Accept payments in installments
  • Recurring payments

Support omnichannel shopper journeys

With a single integration with Adyen, you can accept credit cards like Hipercard online, on mobile and in-store. An example flow is shown below:


Shopper orders item at home from a desktop and chooses to save card details.

Shopper buys additional item via the mobile app and pays with a single click.

Shopper makes a purchase in store with the same credit card.

From the shopper's card the sales associate can view all previous purchases and offer loyalty reward.

Accept Hipercard with Adyen

Market Brazil
Settlement currency


Channel Ecommerce
Processing currencies BRL
Recurring transactions Yes
Refunds Yes
Multiple partial refunds Yes
Settlement delay 30 days


We charge a processing fee + payment method fee per transaction.

Commission per transaction, may differ per region.

Different commissions apply depending on the payment method.

The Adyen platform supports all key payment methods globally.

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