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Infor Hospitality is a global provider of end to end software for hotels, resorts, casinos, venues, entertainment and restaurants, A proven technology partner offering a fully integrated suite of operational and financial applications. Over 20,000 hospitality organizations in more than 100 countries rely on their software, and award-winning customer service.

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About Infor

Adyen has integrations into a number of Infor's products such as their property management system (Infor HMS) and their point of sale (Infor POS). Our scope of joint customers spans hospitality, especially in hotels and resorts, restaurants, food and beverage, and events/entertainment.

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Discover how to create seamless payment experiences through all channels.

International footprint for global merchants to scale and operate using a single PSP.

Adyen integration to multiple solutions such as Infor HMS and Infor POS.

Secure solution allowing merchants to remain PCI compliant with features such as proxy tokenization.

Infor and Adyen are both investing in the success of their customers, with dedicated resources.

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