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With LOYYO, you'll never miss a transaction from all your customers (members and non-members), online and in-store. LOYYO provides unique insights based on transactions and payments, increases customer revenue, strengthens your loyalty program and enriches your existing data.

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Adyen x LOYYO

LOYYO and Adyen have joined forces to create a new way of customer recognition and engagement. Combining the strengths of both companies delivers a seamless and engaging experience for merchants and consumers.

Globally renowned for its leading payment solutions, Adyen has built a reputation for innovation, security, and reliability. In contrast, LOYYO has proven itself as a pioneer in payment-linked data and loyalty, helping businesses strengthen their relationships with customers and enhance brand loyalty.

The partnership between LOYYO and Adyen opens the door to an integrated approach to online and in-store payments, where the payment process is enhanced by collecting data and the direct recognition of loyal customers. This enables merchants to not only facilitate efficient transactions but also to establish and maintain sustainable customer relationships.

What sets this collaboration apart is LOYYO's ability to collect transaction history, enabling the formation of anonymous customer profiles when combined with Adyen's payment solution. This approach empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences, paving the way for hyper-personalized engagement and customer retention strategies.

Gathering transaction history, a capability enhanced when combined with Adyen's payment solution, allows businesses to create anonymous customer profiles, providing valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences. This innovative approach paves the way for hyper-personalized engagement and customer retention strategies.

With LOYYO, we identified our most loyal customer with over 60 payments in 100 days. Before, we did not know these payments were coming from one customer alone.

Herman Holterman” Petsplace CTO Chief Technology Officer

Main Benefits of working with Adyen & LOYYO

See what the main benefits are in working with the Adyen & LOYYO

Enhanced Customer Engagement: LOYYO can help customers boost their engagement through personalized loyalty programs, making customers feel more valued and encouraging them to return to the business more frequently.

Loyalty Rewards: LOYYO can enable customers to earn rewards and benefits based on their purchases and engagement with a business. These rewards may range from discounts and special offers to exclusive access to events or products.

Improved Customer Insights: LOYYO can collect data on customer behavior and transactions, enabling businesses to gain deep insights into customer preferences. This helps in making data-driven decisions and tailoring offerings to meet customer needs.

Increased Customer Retention: By rewarding customers for their loyalty and providing them with a personalised experience, LOYYO can assist in boosting customer retention. Customers who feel valued and receive rewards are often more likely to return and make repeat purchases.

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