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Linx offers softwares for physical, digital and omnichannel retailers, for more then 20 segments, including e-commerce platforms, point of sale Systems and enterprise resource planning systems.

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About Linx

Linx is a Brazilian company specialized in retail technology. It serves a variety of retail segments, offering solutions for physical stores and e-commerce. The company is known for providing reliable and innovative solutions, addressing a wide range of retail industry needs and holds a market share of 45%.

Specializations: Retail Fashion and Accessories Home and Decoration E-commerce Pharma Optics Food and Beverage Benefits: By working with Adyen, Linx can provide its customers with a payment platform that is secure, user-friendly, and highly efficient.

Integration with Adyen enables Linx to offer retailers the ability to accept a wide range of payment methods, making transactions easier. Additionally, partnering with a globally renowned company like Adyen can add value to Linx's offering and enhance its credibility in the market.

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