The Tower Bridge in London, United Kingdom
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Payment methods in the United Kingdom

The entrepreneurially-minded Brits have one of the most diverse economies in Europe, and from forward-thinking fashion startups to heritage brands, UK shoppers are buying online and on mobile. Debit cards are more widely common than elsewhere in Europe, with the average shopper holding between 2-3 cards per person. 90% of the population is a Visa or Mastercard cardholder and cards account for approximately 90% of all online payments. Brits have traditionally held a liberal view to credit, from the pre-internet days of mail order goods, while credit card payments continue to be popular. Today ‘buy now, pay later’ options for ecommerce are also hugely popular. Digital wallets are another popular option, with Apple Pay and Google Pay ™ virtually ubiquitous across the UK. As Britain leaves the European Union, merchants have lots of questions pertaining how it affects payments. We created a page for you to learn more.



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