Adyen Cegid payments integration

The Cegid and Adyen platforms integrate perfectly, giving your customers a seamless unified retail experience.

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One integration, multiple functionalities

With a worldwide presence, Cegid and Adyen provide brands and retailers with payment solutions tailored to their needs, whatever their line of business.

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Point of Sale

Make your POS payments setup easier and improve your customer experience with the latest terminals. 

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Customer experience

Create a consistent experience across all sales channels. You’ll deliver a unified commerce experience in store, in-app, online, and wherever your business goes next.

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Global growth

Expand into new markets quickly and start accepting payments in new markets from the moment you integrate. 

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Always up to date

Updates are automatically rolled out, giving shoppers access to new payment experiences, like Apple Pay, and compliance tools, such as 3DS2, straight away.

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One integration, many features

Discover the advantages of the Adyen Cegid payments integration and offer your customers an exceptional retail experience.

One single integration, multiple functionalities

  • A rich and stable integration that is easy to install
  • Standard and alternative payment methods such as gift cards, AliPay and WeChat Pay and even Swish
  • Value-added services such as currency conversion (DCC) or Tax Free Shopping refunds

State-of-the-art terminals and customer interface

  • Personalize terminal screens in just a few clicks
  • View all transactions, both in store and online
  • An interface that gives you visibility into all your transactions, both online and in-store, and the status of your terminal fleet anywhere in the world

An ideal solution for in-store mobility

  • Sales staff can take payments anywhere in the store thanks to our mobile terminals
  • A Cloud API designed for a 100% mobile customer experience
  • Tax-free solutions with our Tax Free partners

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