Adyen for Cegid

Power your mPOS payments in the US and UK

We provide a single integration for mobile point of sale (mPOS) so brands using Cegid can easily implement the Adyen payments solution and turn on mPOS payments across the US and UK.

  • Single integration across all stores
  • Streamlined payment process
  • Immediate transaction processing
  • Contactless payments
  • All major international credit cards

Go global with Adyen

Adyen is the only payments provider that can provide a single solution across the globe. That means accepting payments is easy and scalable, with synched functionalities. We also support all major international cards, including JCB and UnionPay.

Drive credit card approval rates

We have the most modern end-to-end solution that connects directly with payment methods, giving us unparalleled access to in-depth transaction data. Adyen RevenueAccelerate is a suite of automated tools that leverages this data to adjust each payment in real time, increasing the chance of an approval and accelerating your revenue.

Future proof your secure payments

Our solution utilizes end-to-end encryption and is fully PCI compliant. We are also set up to support EMV. We’ve been assisting retailers process EMV transactions regardless of cardholder verification method for years. We also ensure you’re prepared to accept payments of the future; you can choose to support contactless payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Optimize your payments with data insights

We are a data-driven company. Our web-based dashboard and detailed reports give you insights into each transaction around the world, which means you can constantly monitor and optimize settings to ensure the best results.

Manage your refunds efficiently

We recognize that refunds are a pain point for retailers; that’s why we’ve streamlined and automated this process as much as possible. You can easily refund a partial or total value through a simple integration to your in-house systems or directly through our platform.

Unify your online, mobile, and POS channels

Our unified global platform means you work with a single payments partner across all sales channels and geographic regions. Connecting the dots between purchases in your stores and online gives you the chance to offer personalized shopping experiences for your customers.

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