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LS Retail

LS Retail, an Aptos Company, is a world-leading developer and provider of retail management software for retail, hospitality, food service, pharmacy and forecourt businesses.

Unified Commerce


LS Retail software powers tens of thousands of retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies and gas stations, ranging from startups to large enterprises, in over 157 countries. The LS Retail solutions unite within one platform ERP, Point of Sale, e-commerce, order and inventory management, CRM, advanced analytics, and more. This means our customers can run their whole business across all their sales channels with one solution.


LS Central, LS Retail's main software platform, is a complete all-in-one retail software. It extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s #1 ERP solution globally, with specialized industry functionality for retail, hospitality, food service, pharmacy and forecourt.

LS Central brings together in one single platform accounting and financials (the Microsoft ERP), Point of Sale (POS), store operations, supply chain management, inventory, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

This means businesses can use just one software to run their operations, instead of using many separate apps that only do a part of the job. This gives businesses real-time view and control of their sales, stock, customers, and more, and enables them to eliminate inefficiencies, manual work, and IT administration costs.

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