Boost authentication. Protect revenue.

Offer your customers a simple and seamless authentication experience. Thanks to 3D Secure authentication, you can safeguard your business without disrupting the revenue flow.

Person authenticating payment on their phone

Maximize conversion

Utilize machine learning to consistently identify the best authentication route with the highest success rate.

Tackle authentication globally

Provide a frictionless authentication everywhere. Our solution considers every market's unique regulations and adapts to it easily.

Optimize the full payment flow

We enhance the payment experience from start to finish, alongside boosting authentication rates.

Payment authentication couldn’t get any easier

Let our technology do the manual work

Our authentication is seamless and asks for simple customer input only when needed. Each transaction is routed based on regulation types, risk assessment criteria, and policies specifically for your business.

Illustration showing authentication circles

Create a payment experience without interruptions

Keep it easy for your customers when paying at checkout. With our authentication flows, payments can't be interrupted.

People making a payment from the couch

Use machine learning to authenticate a payment

Apply authentication in regulated countries, automatically use exemptions where possible, or use authentication to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions with the Authentication Engine.

Phone verification

Reduce friction further with Delegated Authentication

Let customers authenticate themselves without leaving the checkout. Trust Adyen to authenticate transactions on your behalf with Delegated Authentication.

Authentication message during mobile payments

"We are focused on maintaining a seamless and rewarding payments experience for our consumers, and we chose Adyen’s 3DS solution based on the innovative product features, the ease of implementation, and the expertise of their team."

Marco Mahrus Head of Payments Partnerships

Adapt your setup before anyone else

As an EMVCo Technical Associate we know all the information connected to EMV® specifications so you can adapt your setup before anyone else. 3DS2 works with all partners who meet the EMVCo™ Certified specification.

Brainstorming with post-its

Integration options made for your business

Checkout API: Full customization and control

Once you’re on our API, simply add the 3DS2 Component. The pre-built UI gets you up and running quickly for PSD2 and you still have full customization control.


Checkout Drop-in: Pre-built UI that’s ready to go

Our Web, iOS, and Android Drop-in automatically supports 3DS2. All you have to do is update your current version.


Pay by Link: The fastest way to get up and running

Redirect your shopper to an Adyen-hosted checkout page and make any online channel your checkout.


Plugins: 3DS2 already added to all in-house plugins

3DS2 is added into all of our certified built in-house plugins for Magento, SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris), Salesforce Commerce Cloud.