In-person payments

Easy POS system management

Upgrade your in-store experience with our full range of pre-certified POS machines. Enjoy the quick set up, and customizing it to your needs.

Payment made on Adyen terminal

Streamline POS operations

One single partner for IT, operations, finance, and beyond. Adyen oversees the entire value chain, offering a seamless end-to-end solution.

Deliver amazing experiences

Speed up the transaction speed, enhance engagement, and provide customers with one-on-one treatment.

Use the latest POS machines

Enjoy easy and quick set up with our fully-certified POS machines that are tailored to your business.

Same technology for easy setup

Connect all POS machines and data to a single platform

Simplify your POS payments setup with our one financial technology platform that streamlines integration once and for all, regardless of your global location.

Diagram with connected POS devices

Integrate with a simple web-based API

Simplify your POS payments setup with our one financial technology platform that streamlines integration once and for all, regardless of your global location.

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API code example

POS solutions for any business

We provide a range of fully-certified in-person payments solutions, with flexible options to fit any business.

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Tap to Pay Adyen solution

Tap to Pay

Easy payments with any compatible device.

Mobile terminal payments


Flexible devices to accept payments anywhere.

Adyen terminal on the counter


Compact and fixed location terminals.

Payment at unattended terminal


Customizable solutions for self-service businesses.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept in-person payments with only an iPhone

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Manage all POS machines in one place

Use self-service tools to view the status of every machine in your fleet, order new and replacement devices, and manage configurations of your machines globally. All from within the Adyen Dashboard.

Terminal fleet manager in the customer area

“Adyen’s platform will further allow Subway to bring the latest digital payment technologies to market, while removing operational complexities for our Franchise Owners.”

Mike Macrie Chief Information Officer, Subway

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Making wireless payment in store

Connect every payment

With our single platform, you can truly connect all data across all your sales channels and stores around the world.

Actions based on data

Use data to make accurate decisions on where to open new locations, how to price your products and services, and much more.

More customer engagement

Recognize customers at the checkout, offer more personalized experiences, and make loyalty programs easier for everyone.

Enhance store operations

In your stores

Make the very best in-store experience for your customers.

Terminal screen with QR code and amount

Offer all local payment methods in the UAE

Easily add the most relevant payment methods for each local market and the customers you serve.

Donations option on terminal screen

Make it easier to donate to charities

Give customers the ability to make a donation within the existing payment flow, with no impact on reconciliation or extra cost to you.

Person making a payment on a terminal

Reduce lines and wait times in store

Use mobile point of sale terminals so customers can checkout without having to wait in line.

Behind the scenes

Use all the flexible features and add-ons.

Terminal payment initiated

Never miss a sale if you go offline

Continue accepting in-store payments in case of a temporary loss of internet connectivity, or fall back on a cellular connection.

Adyen terminal in its original packaging

Quickly send terminals to new locations

Get up and running in new stores across four continents with pre-certified terminals and one integration.

Customer area

Simplify reconciliation across regions

Enjoy one place for reporting and reconciliation, without the complexity of managing multiple providers.

Work with partners

We partner with leading technology solutions to give your customers the best experiences.

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Talk to us about point of sale

We’re here whenever you need to help you make the best choices for your business.