All retail payments in one platform

Offering a seamless, safe, and hassle-free payment journey is a must, whether it's online or in-person. Scale at ease, and give a superior shopping experience, by speeding up the checkout and personalizing offers.

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One partner

Let us unify your back-end systems, while you focus on the brand experience. Choose one partner for all your online and in-person needs, to consolidate and scale at ease.

One integration

Receive consolidated reports from all channels and markets in one place. And make data-driven decisions for your retail business.

Fast rollout

Enter new markets, add new payment methods and keep up with the latest retails trends easily.

For shoppers

Use mobile terminals to cut queues. Utilize data to personalize shoppers experiences. Offer preferred payment methods.

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We know customers don’t see channels. They see brands, and they want the same great experience at every touchpoint. Adyen helped us deliver a superior journey, by swiftly integrating mPOS to eliminate long queues. And connecting all touch points to ensure a seamless frictionless experience.

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How we help retail businesses thrive

Stay ahead of the curve

We keep you updated with latest payment methods. Whether it's digital wallets or credit cards, Adyen’s POS systems will have it covered.

New level of convenience

No need to stand in queues with mobile terminals, shoppers can pay anywhere in the store.

Rewards and personalization matter

Shoppers will never miss a point with rewards linked to shoppers' payment cards. And with connected data it will become easier to identify shoppers and personalize offers.

Payment services made for retail

Know your shoppers with unified payments data

Compare in-store and online transactions side by side. Gain a deeper understanding of the entire shopping journey and make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Fully-certified technology from day one

Leave the payments data to us, while you reduce PCI scope. Adyen is PCI DSS and PSD2 SCA compliant, and we’re prepared for whatever is next.

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POS machines for every type of retail

Hardware to suit any retailer; from mPOS to countertop, with a centralized system that allows for easy troubleshooting, automatic updates, and terminal replacements. Our POS machines are certified and connected to a single platform.

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Use AI to prevent fraud

Easily detect fraud online and in-app, without the manual work, and significantly reduce chargebacks by 95%. Gain full visibility of your transactions using a smart fraud system that combines AI and a rule-based risk ecosystem. This innovative approach ensures you're not only catching fraudulent activity more efficiently but also minimizing the financial impact associated with chargebacks, enhancing your overall security posture and customer satisfaction.

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Recognize returning shoppers with tokenized payments.

A single view of payments within Adyen Dashboard. All channels, all regions.

Insight into payment processing to improve authorization rates.

At the terminal, detect your shopper’s language and let them pay in their preferred currency.

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A solution designed for every retail business


A payment platform built to support expansion. Whether a new channel or region, consolidate internal systems to simplify as you grow.


Create a highly personal experience for shoppers by simplifying payments. Offer Pay by Link online or use mPOS to continue conversations in-person.


Build a loyalty program without a loyalty card. Shoppers never miss out with payment-linked loyalty, increasing their participation and your insights.


Use payments to power innovation. Integrate Adyen’s Terminal API to offer in-store pick-up of online orders (and more), connecting online and offline channels.

Big-box stores

Payments to keep up with a high volume of shoppers. From contactless and offline processing in-store to helping shoppers pay their preferred way online.


Digitalize and optimize the shopper experience with innovations such as autonomous retail, Unified Commerce shopper journeys and cross-channel insights.

Meet our partners in retail

We partner with leading technology solutions to give your shoppers the best experience.

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The untold challenges of the finance team and solutions

Once upon a time, the primary role of finance teams was to close the books, match data, and reconcile reports. Today, they are recognized for their greater value beyond merely being custodians of financial data.

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