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TruRating is a patented omnichannel consumer feedback and analytics platform with 80%+ response rates, giving real-time, actionable insights.

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Get unique customer insights to increase basket size and loyalty with Adyen’s TruRating integration for retailers

The Adyen and TruRating integration allows you to hear from 80% of your in-store shoppers via micro-surveys delivered on the POS. Use real-time results to improve customer experience, measure performance, and make data-based decisions with confidence.

TruRating technology is empowering the world’s leading brands and retailers with the most timely, accurate, insight-driven and trustworthy customer experience data available. Unlock the voice of your customers across all channels, and use their responses – natively tied to 50+ transaction data points – to gain a store-by-store view of performance, increase average transaction values and grow your loyal customer base.

Benefits of working together with TruRating.



With 80% response rates, make decisions with confidence knowing the data represents your full customer base, not just the vocal minority.


Store-level insights

Get the real view of what’s happening in your business down to the individual store and shift level.


Measure what Matters

Each rating is tied to transaction details, giving you the power to really home in on the factors that impact your customers’ buying behaviour.