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BeX is a platform partner of Adyen and can establish agreements and payment solutions for digital and physical commerce worldwide. BeX business system, POS system and "Shop on the Go" are offered as services in an integrated cloud environment.

Retail Payments

About BeX

BeX® Online is a complete cloud-based business system for companies within retail. It supports omni-channel retailing and unified commerce, which means that information, products and order management takes place in real time between different sales channels such as e-commerce, stores and warehouses.

The system includes functions for logistics (PIM, OMS), warehouse management (WMS), finance (bookkeeping, ledger), and has a powerful API for integration with external systems. BeX® Online can connect to many e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento, as well as to services such as customer analysis and return systems.

For customers, BeX® means that they can buy, receive, return and exchange goods in the channels that suit them best, with a seamless experience regardless of channel. The system is securely stored in Microsoft Azure with advanced security measures, including protection against attacks and ransomware through the use of floating containers and continuous monitoring.

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