Beyond Retail podcast: 
The shape of ambition

In March 2020, businesses were forced to reevaluate their ambitions as they scrambled to adapt. Two years on, what have we learned? And how can we be sure we’re ready for whatever’s next? Join us in the second season of our Beyond Retail podcast as we explore the latest consumer and business trends shaping UK commerce today.

Stories from leading brands like Crew and Brompton

Commentary from experts like Trustpilot and the British Retail Consortium.

Insights direct from consumers in the street


Episode 1:
When the going gets tough, the tough diversify

How the explosion of diverse channels in the face of a global crisis turned out not to be just a temporary emergency measure, but a recipe for future success.

Episode 2:
Prove you're worthy of long term loyalty

How businesses can prove that they're worthy of long term loyalty with insights from Trustpilot; Vita Mojo; Brompton Bicycle; and the British Retail Consortium. Plus first-hand consumer perspectives on the effectiveness of loyalty programmes, and the importance of sustainability.

Episode 3:
We love getting physical

How the role of physical stores has evolved to be about more than just glorified display cases, and why high streets can't simply be centres of commerce anymore. With guests Kate Hardcastle, Mark Robinson, Dr. Adèle Gruen and Mark Pikington.

Episode 4:
Data engineers are the new fashion designers

The importance of data and how brands are using it to gain a competitive edge. From uncovering trends, to creating unique shopper journeys, we uncover the  multitude of benefits of a strong data strategy. Guests include Chris Matthews from Brompton Bicycle and data advisor, futurist, and author of 'Business Trends In Practice', Bernard Marr.

Episode 5:
Platforms for growth

How will the growth of the platform economy impact the industry as a whole? We hear from Epos Now's Nathan Gill and Sunday Times Columnist, Gillian Crawford. We also speak to the author of 'Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience', Sophie Guibaud.

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This podcast series was underpinned by the findings from our latest research report. We asked over 10,000 businesses around the world to unpack their fears, hopes, and strategies for 2022 and beyond. Then we asked 40,000 consumers if they’re getting it right. Complete the form to get your copy.

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