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ROLLER: Streamlined platform payments, superior customer experiences

Attractions are only as attractive as the exceptional guest experiences they offer. From increased authorization rates to in-house embedded payments, learn how SaaS platform ROLLER supports customers in building amazing guest journeys with Adyen for Platforms.

February 2, 2023
 ·  6 minutes

Imagine this: You're standing over the rolling fog in the Blue Mountains, Australia. You board the Scenic Railway, and it takes your breath away, racing backward at an exhilarating 52 degrees.

Welcome to Scenic World, one of ROLLER's many customers in over 25 countries.

ROLLER is an all-in-one venue management software platform for modern attractions like Skyline (Singapore), American Dream (USA), and Ninja Warrior (UK). The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform serves a guest interaction every tenth of a second, supporting over 750 attractions worldwide with their sales, guest services, and attraction management needs.

With each attraction boasting high foot traffic and constant guest movement, it's essential for ROLLER to build innovative products for their customers that improve the guest experience by removing friction at every touchpoint. We spoke to Will Nicholson, Head of Global Payments at ROLLER, and Sarah Patterson, Industry Relations Manager at Scenic World, on how ROLLER helps attractions deliver world-class guest experiences with the support of Adyen for Platforms.

An image showing a in the Scenic Railway

The challenge

Enabling marvelous guest experiences across multiple touchpoints

As ROLLER supports hundreds of attraction and leisure businesses worldwide – each with multiple touchpoints – the platform faced a unique challenge to ensure a consistent and reliable payment experience for its adventure-seeking guests.

"Our touchpoints include purchasing a ticket online by scanning a QR code, entering the venue, buying food and beverage, and even buying merchandise or a memento after the visit," says Will. "Attractions may also want an additional touchpoint to upgrade or upsell their guests into a season pass or recurring membership so they can advocate for the brand over and over again."

Guest insights are essential to improve these touchpoints and create seamless guest experiences that encourage repeat visitation. "Traditionally, we have had to stitch together data from online and card-present purchases to help our customers better understand their guests," adds Will.

The need to better support their customers in creating exceptional guest journeys is one of the driving factors behind ROLLER's partnership with Adyen.

Caution: Payment delays ahead

While working with third-party providers that controlled the onboarding process, ROLLER's customers often faced delays in setting up and processing payments.

"By working with Adyen, we have the tools to control the onboarding of our customers," says Will. "We went from onboarding customers in months to weeks with Adyen." The entire onboarding process can now be completed in-platform, allowing ROLLER to capture all the certification and compliance checks they require, so their customers can go live and process payments quicker.

An image showing someone making payment with their phone on a ROLLER Payments terminal

The solution

Embedded payments for platforms: Taking control of the payment experience

In 2020, ROLLER launched ROLLER Payments using Adyen for Platforms. This in-house or embedded payments solution allows the platform to streamline operations and more effectively meet the payments needs of their customers. Now, ROLLER customers like Scenic World can easily refund, upsell, and upgrade their guests, creating better experiences for visitors.

Going local to go global with payments

"Adyen offers the latest in local payment methods so that we can expand our offering to meet our customer's needs, as well as the needs of their guests," says Will.

"ROLLER Payments help us take internationally-recognized payments," Sarah adds, "Without ROLLER Payments, we wouldn't be able to offer the exceptional customer service that we do."

Unified Commerce: Driving ambition with rich guest insights

Leveraging Adyen's Unified Commerce solution, ROLLER linked payment transaction information directly to each guest, connecting all of the sales channels (online, in-app, and in-person) on the backend with a single integration. "With Unified Commerce, we can centralize all of the different transaction information and link it directly to the correct guest," says Will. "We now have access to real-time guest insights like average basket size, authorization rates, and conversion rates. This enables our customers to understand their guests better."

ROLLER's customers can utilize the insights to build more seamless guest experiences, encourage repeat visitation, and increase revenue.

"ROLLER Payments let us have a single view of customers and their transaction history, across all of our sales channels in-house and online," says Sarah. With a single view of transaction data, ROLLER's customers, like Scenic World, can upsell, upgrade, and even issue a refund across different sales channels. Convenient.

Innovation, unleashed

As a global software provider, ROLLER is always looking for partners with innovative products that can bring the platform to the next level. "Working with Adyen gives us access to innovative fintech products like working capital and issuing, and local payment trends like Buy Now, Pay Later, so that we can offer more products and services to our customers," Will says.

Sarah agrees, "We love that ROLLER is always innovating and bringing out new features that are useful for our business."

In the future, ROLLER is looking to include embedded finance productswithin the platform. This will enable them to better serve their customers with cutting-edge products like capital, business financing, and issuing.

The result

An amazing guest experience, every single time

By utilizing modern technology and innovative systems, ROLLER enabled their customers to actively reduce friction at every guest touchpoint.

With Adyen's support, ROLLER now offers 38 different payment methods, empowering guests to pay however they want to. "We went from offering three payment methods to 38," says Will, "Guests trust in our brand and customers because we're offering payment methods that they are familiar with."

Additionally, real-time insights from Adyen's Unified Commerce solution help ROLLER and their customers have a more complete view of the business. Insights from the payment flow help ROLLER's customers better understand their guests' behaviors and optimize sales strategy. This leads to smoother guest journeys with increased conversions and spend.

Win-win: Reduced fraud and higher acceptance rates

"One of the most critical ways that we add value to our customers is by reducing fraud," says Will. ROLLER utilizes Adyen's risk management tool, RevenueProtect, to ensure that every transaction is legitimate, decreasing their customers' fraud risk.

"Along with innovative new products, ROLLER helps us reduce the risk of fraud across all of our sales channels," Sarah adds.

Working with Adyen has also helped ROLLER improve their overall authorization rate. "Compared to third-party integrations, we've seen our authorization rate increase from 87% to 94.5% with Adyen," says Will. "Improved authorization rates means we increase the revenue received by our customers."

Taking care of compliance and certification

As a global business supporting over 750 different attraction and leisure businesses, it is important for ROLLER to find a partner that meets their global ambition. "We use Adyen to be compliant and certified in all markets that we are in. They take care of the compliance and certifications for us so that we don't need to worry." Will explains.

With ROLLER using a single integration with Adyen, the platform can significantly reduce compliance and certification costs of global expansion as well.

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