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To become indispensable, you need simplicity. From mobile payments to card & cash, the integration of all payment methods adds up and makes for a promise: from home, from work, on the move… wherever you are, we deliver you a great check-out.

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New Black is a provider of a unified commerce platform called "EVA", designed to help merchants quickly adapt to change.

EVA is a cloud-based and agile platform with a unified user interface that drives digital transformation through the concept of unified commerce. It consists of various microservices-based (modular) functions available as components to its modules such as compliance, finance and control, order management (OMS), organization management, product information management (PIM), promotions and campaigns management, stock management and fulfillment, task management, and user management.

In addition, EVA offers a set of frontend applications designed for admin and in-store use, giving real-time access to customer data (360 customer view), orders, shopping carts, and tasks such as, cycle counts, runner tasks, click and collect, ship from store, endless aisle, and more.

The platform is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, making it a single source of truth, and a connected ecosystem of people and touchpoints.


Best of technology

We keep a strict line between feature code, our back-end technology and the cloud vendors we use, meaning we can upgrade to the latest technology the market has to offer as we go. We believe in Moore’s law as a service.

Unified Commerce-as-a-Service

A MACH-based architecture built with a cloud-agnostic approach. All inventory, order, and customer data in full context is available at your fingertips across all touchpoints.

Fully Fiscalized, PCI & GDPR Compliant

Regulatory changes, increased transparency, technological advancements and everything about the way tax authorities operate are in flux. Real-time data and best-of-technology methods are the cornerstones of our compliance strategy as well. EVA is fully compliant with international and national legislation in the field of fiscalization, e-invoicing and digital tax reporting in over 40+ countries.

Frictionless payments with Adyen

Unified Commerce goes hand in glove with frictionless payments, which is why we’ve partnered with Adyen. This ensures any payment transaction and all its relevant data is captured smoothly and securely, while making the interaction for the customer easy and straightforward for both traditional and non-traditional payment options, such as Tap to Pay and Pay by Link.

“We have an order management system, New Black's POS system, and Adyen's payment terminal. Those three elements need to communicate with each other optimally to make unified commerce as intuitive and customer-friendly as possible for both the customer and our store employees. The New Black POS system has been developed with unified commerce use cases in mind, making features such as in-store exchanges and ship-from-store a lot easier.”

Arn Knol Commercial Director G-Star

Adapt to the future

Designed to service innovation driven and ambitious internationally operating brands and retailers. New Black enables adaptiveness to change with a truly seamless customer-centric experience across best-in-class omnichannel commerce.

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