Adyen customers ready for Apple Pay UK launch in July

The industry’s most talked-about payment method will be arriving in the UK in a few weeks.

With its seamless customer experience and Apple’s trademark cool-factor, Apple Pay is generating a buzz across merchants and customers alike.

Apple Pay’s arrival in the UK couldn’t come at a better time. A recent report by the UK Cards Association tells us that use of contactless payment has tripled in the last year to £2.32 billion across 319 million transactions, and there are already 250,000 contactless payment terminals ready to go across the UK.

In addition to this, the iPhone accounts for over 40% of smartphones sold in the UK with owners tending to be big spenders.

Adyen was already amongst the first payment technology companies to support its US customers in enabling Apple Pay.

In Europe, many Adyen customers, including leading retailers, airlines, hospitality and travel companies are finalizing integrations to support Apple Pay when it launches in the UK.

One of the key benefits of accepting Apple Pay with Adyen is the ability to operate in both the US and UK and manage online and in-store Apple Pay transactions with a single partner.

This also means businesses can access detailed transaction data and reporting from just one interface for unified commerce experiences.

Adyen has been gathering Apple Pay transaction data since its US launch in September 2014, and can confirm that transaction success rates are amongst the highest across all payment methods.

This is also the case with the average transaction value, which is consistent with what is known about the spending power of iPhone 6 and Apple Watch owners. It also reflects the ease of making a purchases with Apple Pay.

The surge of enthusiasm for contactless payment, coupled with Apple’s indisputable street-cred and the spending power of its customers, positions Apple Pay as a must-have for businesses that wish to remain at the cutting-edge of payment innovation.

For further information about Apple Pay and how to get started check our integration possibilities on GitHub.

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