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We're matching all donations made via Giving for PRIDE

Everyone can be an ally. Get involved and activate Giving at checkout for the second year of our global Pride campaign.

May 21, 2024
 ·  3 minutes
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Our next global donations campaign for 2024 turns our focus to inclusivity and Pride around the world. As with our other Moments that Matter campaigns, we will be matching all donations made via the platform for those nonprofits working in the name of the LGBTQ+ communities from June until the end of July. 

Why we do donations campaigns

Sustainability and impact grow in importance year after year across the globe. At Adyen, we see our biggest opportunity to give back and affect meaningful change through our donations product, Giving, which enables large-scale fundraising at checkout. 

Next to this solution that brands can enable whenever they like to raise funds for causes with their customers, we also reinforce certain key milestones in the year. We call this program called Moments that Matter: collective fundraising for a cause at a specific period during the year.

During these moments - we will match all donations made via Giving for that cause - so we can have double the impact.

Donations at checkout prove an easy way to engage customers on causes that matter

We’ve built Giving to allow for as much flexibility and customisation for brands as possible. It can quickly be activated and just as easily turned off - making Pride a perfect campaign to start with if it’s your first, with lots of nonprofit options to choose from.

Whether it’s for a smaller local cause or a global nonprofit, customers are responding in their millions to donation campaigns for causes that align with their values–and by extension–those of the brands they frequent. 

And it doesn’t have to be large sums asked of the customer: in 2023, the average donation made via Giving was 83 cents - a clear indication of the rise in popularity of roundup at checkout. What we do know is the 10 cents and 50 cents add up: we raised over $7M last year. You can find how-to-activate Giving videos here for both online and in-store

Customers supporting Pride

We launched our first Pride campaign in 2023 after a number of customers expressed interest in supporting LGBTQ+ nonprofits at checkout. In its first year, between Adyen and customers, $250k was raised, with brands like Marco Polo, Rag & Bone and Ralph Lauren fundraising for Stonewall UK, UNHCR, Stonewall foundation in the US, and more. 

We learned last year that businesses often have their own trusted nonprofit partner in the LGBTQ+ space - we want to help facilitate their impact ambitions. This also allows us to recognize smaller foundations and support more local initiatives across the board.

The Trevor Project, based out of California, focuses on suicide prevention within LGBTQ+ communities."We're incredibly grateful for Adyen's generous support of The Trevor Project and our life-saving mission to end suicide among LGBTQ+ young people,” tells Samantha Byrne, Senior Corporate Partnerships Associate at the nonprofit. “Trevor's research shows that 39% of LGBTQ+ young people seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year, including 46% of transgender and nonbinary youth.Contributions will enable us to continue to provide free, 24/7 crisis services to LGBTQ+ young people in need and expand our suicide prevention efforts to help stop LGBTQ+ young people from entering a crisis in the first place.” 

Why you should get involved

“Pride is always a cause for celebration, and it’s also a critical time of year for LGBTQ+ nonprofits when it comes to raising funds to keep our missions moving," notes Gattlin Miller, Community and Engagement Manager at the Foundation. "We’re so excited to partner with Adyen to raise funds at checkout. Not only do these customer donations fuel our work, but the campaign also spreads awareness of our organization to wide audiences – folks that we wouldn’t normally be able to reach!"

To echo Gattlin, highlighting nonprofits at checkout not only creates additional fundraising streams, but it also increases awareness about their essential work. Whether it’s through next-to-terminal collateral in-store or a pop-up in your webshop, you can easily convey the thinking behind your support, while also underscoring the work the nonprofit is doing. Check out how Etam highlighted the work of Ruban Rose to great success during Breast Cancer awareness month here.

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