Take action at checkout this International Women's Day

We're matching donations for women's causes across the globe this March.

February 22, 2024
 ·  4 minutes

Sustainability and impact grow in importance year after year across the globe. At Adyen, we see our biggest opportunity to give back and affect meaningful change through our donations product, Giving, which enables large-scale fundraising at checkout. 

Next to this solution that our customers can enable whenever they like to raise funds for causes with their customers, we also reinforce certain key milestones in the year. We call this program called Moments that Matter: collective fundraising for a cause at a specific period during the year.

During these moments - we will match all donations made via Giving for that cause - so we can have double the impact. 

At moments throughout the year–or in response to an emergency–we will activate campaigns so our customers can fundraise as a community for a chosen cause or causes. Many of the biggest fundraisers on the Adyen platform share similar philanthropic activations in a calendar year, so we chose those most celebrated and will match accordingly. This international Women's Day, we're excited to match all donations for women's causes during the month of March.

Donations at checkout - an easy way to engage customers on causes that matter

After our first full calendar year of moments that matter, we raised over €360K across Pride, Earth Day, cancer awareness and holiday season as a collective.

Aside from our campaigns, a lot of customers successfully raised for over 100 nonprofits across the globe. Below is a video recapping donations in 2023 for Giving.


Adyen's 2023 in donations

IWD at Adyen 

IWD has been an important holiday at Adyen for a number of years now, and our internal women’s employee resource group(ERG), Women at Adyen, is excited to see us matching donations for a number of nonprofits that align with their mission and vision for the company.

"For our ERG, Women@Adyen: our main focus is to educate, encourage and empower," says Vero Torri, Women@Adyen lead. "This year’s global IWD theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” coincides with our commitment to amplifying intersectionality and allyship at Adyen. We are excited to celebrate internally with a series of events inspired by the theme and to see Adyen match donations for a number of nonprofits, reflecting our community’s mission and vision externally."

Nonprofits around the world working for gender equality 

In our nonprofit hub you will find a number of women’s causes that we will match for this year. In the UK, Women’s Aid are planning on activating their Come Together campaign, which sees the federation, in its 50th year, call for everyone across the UK to come together and put an end to Domestic Abuse. 

If you’re in France, we’ll be matching for the work of Maison des Femmes focused on supporting victims of sexual violence, Un petit bagage d'amour and more. And in North America, for the work of Every Mother Counts an organization dedicated to maternal health, or the Canadian Women’s Foundation. 

For cross-regional campaigns, PLAN International can be supported across Europe and UNICEF can be supported globally via Giving on the Adyen platform.

All of the organizations above and more in our nonprofit library are running campaigns in support of women and girls around the world - championing a more equal and just future for all. And what an easy way to get customers involved than surfacing their work at checkout?

Below, watch PLAN's video created for us for International Women's Day.

Practical advice for activating donations for women’s causes

Turning donations on at checkout is so simple and can be done via the Customer Area. Giving is available across Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia and Japan. 

For in-store, terminals can be configured within hours and are easily turned on/off in keeping the parameters and length of your campaign.  

If you’re a digital business and want to support one of our onboarded nonprofits, the launch of our new feature: Campaign Manager means accepting donations for causes you care about has never been easier. Integrations are quick and painless, allowing you to customize campaign details without involving technical teams. Additionally, all nonprofit assets including logos, imagery and T&Cs are available through API making for a seamless activation experience. 

Campaign Manager is currently available in North America, and Europe and will roll out more broadly later in 2024.

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