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How Rebtel revolutionized international calling with Adyen

The Swedish start-up Rebtel has revolutionized international calls and now operates in many countries worldwide. We talked to their Product Manager for Payments and Fraud, Johan Persson, to find out how Adyen helped them scale internationally.

March 19, 2019
 ·  5 minutes
How Rebtel revolutionized international calling with Adyen

As one of the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions in the market, Rebtel grew fast. And as smartphones became increasingly mainstream, they adapted. In 2009 Rebtel, began to focus on delivering a mobile-first approach and released an app. 
But their payment providers weren’t up to the challenge. It was a struggle to adapt the web-based checkout at a time when responsive design was yet to have its breakthrough.
“On top of the technical challenges we had some real issues with downtime. This affected our users. And the last piece that pushed us to look for a new provider was pricing”, says Johan Persson.

Rebtel wanted a payments partner that could support their 'mobile-first' direction globally. 

"For Rebtel, it’s important to offer a calling solution that lets people stay in touch no matter where they are from"

“Global migration is a 21st century reality. For us, it’s important to offer a calling solution that lets people stay in touch no matter where they are from.” says Johan. Users can upload credit onto the app and make calls over 3G/4G, wifi or local phone lines - meaning no internet connection is necessary. 

An all-in-one solution 

Partnering with Adyen gave Rebtel an all-in-one solution for continued expansion.Being able to offer key payment methodssuch as Giropay in Germany,iDEALin the Netherlands andUnionPayopened Rebtel up to more traffic in local markets. 
“Our main markets, such as the US, are predominantly card based. Recurring payments such as subscriptions and automatic refills are crucial for our business model. In Europe though, the payment landscape is different. Local payment methods are often preferred. Out-of-the-box support for these methods, and more, is a huge benefit with Adyen.”

Transparent pricing

“We have built our product around a transparent pricing system. We pride ourselves in a lack of hidden fees. But as a customer, we kept getting stuck in constant negotiations regarding price point for the blend price – too high for European payments and too low for US – but never right.  So when we looked for a new provider, transparent pricing was high on our wishlist." 

"When Rebtel set out to find a new payment service provider, consistent and transparent pricing was high on our wishlist. Adyen was the first provider to offer Interchange++ pricing to us and it was clearly what we were looking for"

Adyen’s uses Interchange++ pricing, which offers a clear and consistent model. Based on where the transaction takes place, the payment method that’s used, and a small markup, it’s easy to calculate the cost. 

“Adyen was the first provider to offerInterchange++ pricingto us and it was clearly what we were looking for. For payments made through Visa and Mastercard, Interchange++ offers more transparency by showing a more detailed breakdown of costs.” says Johan. 

An expert in conversion

One of the main conversion challenges Rebtel face is getting users to download the app. Once a user has downloaded the app and entered their payment method, Adyen tokenizes the information. This allows for one-click payments and a seamless experience. This enables subscriptions, payments over Interactive Voice Response and automatic refills. 

"Adyen has introduced several innovative ways of working with conversion optimization"

“The solution for encrypting sensitive card data in our app and web to skip redirects and styling issues is great, but this is only the front end of the solution. The data returned after a payment has high resolution too. Adyen has introduced several innovative ways of working with conversion optimization.” says Johan. 
One of the ways this benefits Rebtel is conversion hacking. Rebtel’s sales representatives - or  ‘activists’ as they’re called - find potential users at key locations. They then help them to download the app and to set up their payment methods. The rest is simple. The next time they go to use the service or top up their account online, their card is saved and payment is only a click away.

Real-time risk management

Rebtel use Adyen's risk management solution RevenueProtect. 

“RevenueProtect is a better tool than we had before. It provides easy-to-configure rules and great visualizations. Currently we’re working together with Adyen’s risk team to optimize our conversions with the help of their machine learning engine. In this context I’d also like to mention the TC40s, a fraud indicator sent by the issuers and forwarded to us by Adyen – this offers a way to act before disputes andchargebacksarrive – highly recommended!”

RevenueProtect works by letting each company can design a framework which looks out for the type of fraud they’re most often subjected to. It requires minimal manual intervention. This way companies like Rebtel can focus on what they do best - sell their products and services - knowing that they will be alerted if something is out of the ordinary.

A payments partner for the future

Rebtel use Adyen as a payment gateway, acquirer and risk management system globally. And with 17 local offices around the globe, we can support Rebtel with their business in all of their key markets. 
“After being a customer of Adyen for more than four years, what really stands out is the close relationship with the key account and technical teams. We also appreciate the meetups with other businesses and the general updates about what’s happening in the payments world.”

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