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Adyen opens first office in Australia

Adyen announces support for Apple Pay in Australia and Canada.

Warren Hayashi  ·  President, Asia Pacific, President, Asia Pacific
November 20, 2015
 ·  2 minutes
Adyen opens first office in Australia

We’re excited to announce that we've opened our first Australian office in Sydney. 

With Adyen, Australian businesses will be able to take advantage of a single, unified solution to accept payments at thepoint of sale, online, in-app, and on mobile websites.

They will also benefit from the stability and scalability of a payments solution used by some of the world's biggest tech companies, that has been designed to handle large transaction volumes on a global basis.

One payments partner. All your sales channels

Retailers can partner with Adyen to accept payments in store, on mobile, and online with a single solution, one contract, one technical interface, and unified reporting.

This will simplify payments by enabling businesses to replace a number of suppliers and third party connections. 

Expand globally with a payments-first approach 

For Australian ecommerce companies, the Adyen payments platform connects directly to all key card schemes, including Visa and Mastercard, and supports all popular payment methodsglobally, including major Asian payment methods such as Alipay, UnionPay, JCB, and Tenpay.

Close up image of Apple watch and iPhone

This means that with a single payments partner, Australian ecommerce businesses can now expand into Asia and globally. 

Apple Pay in Australia and Canada

In addition, Adyen is among the first payments technology providers to enable businesses in Australia and Canada to accept in-app payments withApple Pay

For Australian and Canadian merchants considering offering Apple Pay to their customers, it is interesting to note that according to quarterly Adyen research into global mobile payments trends, the average transaction value on Apple devices is higher than their Android counterparts.

Businesses who offer Apple Pay also benefit from connecting with the bleeding edge of early adopters, who both spend more and set trends for the critical mass of consumers.

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