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Accept in-person payments with only an iPhone

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, you can accept all types of contactless payments right on your iPhone — no extra terminals or hardware needed.


No payment hardware

Remove the dependence on payment hardware to accept transactions. All you need is your iPhone.

Easy to install

Easy installation and onboarding allows businesses to scale up their payment operation easily.

Seamless journeys

Increase mobility on location to provide an easy and fast checkout experience for shoppers.

Secure payment

All payment transactions are encrypted and payment data is not stored locally on your iPhone.

“Lightspeed is known for providing the latest technology to our merchants so they have the most impactful tools to run their business. Partnering with Adyen to provide Tap to Pay on iPhone is a huge win for our U.S. customers. This feature gives merchants even more checkout options to provide amazing customer experiences.”

Jona Georgiou ∙ GM, Payments and Financial Services, Lightspeed

Simplify your in-person payments

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, we’re offering a simple mobile acceptance payment solution for businesses who like being at the forefront of innovation and who want a seamless payments journey.

Launching first in the continental US - additional regions to be announced.

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