Prada Group & Adyen

Prada Group brings luxury style with a human touch through payments innovation

Prada Group has long put innovation at the heart of what they do. Since they were founded in 1913, they’ve set the contemporary standard for sophistication, elegance, and design. 

Now that consumers have returned to stores following the pandemic, Prada Group has seen the need to prioritize strategic initiatives to facilitate the move to truly omnichannel experiences and innovate the in-person shopping experience. Going back to the core of retail, Prada Group are using payments innovations to support the evolution of the store and understand their clients’ wants and needs.

Payment achievements:

  • Launched Tap to Pay on iPhone in the US

  • Planning to expand Tap to Pay on iPhone to all global stores

  • Innovated with Pay by Link

  • Achieved 9% authorization boost in Japan

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Discover how one of the leading brands in luxury is bringing effortless checkouts to their brand stores
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Discover how Prada Group is creating shopping journeys that breathe luxury by removing the friction of payments online and in-person. 

Elevated shopping experiences


Rethinking payment moments as strategic 

When Chief Information Officer (CIO) Cristiano Agostini started at Prada Group, he had a strong mandate to support the company’s technological and digital transformation.

They saw an opportunity to rethink their use of technology to help clients have seamless experiences across the one inevitable moment of friction in the funnel: the payment moment. 


Flexible checkouts with Pay by Link and click-and-collect

Together with Adyen, they’ve improved checkout by letting customers use Pay by Link and click-and-collect. The Group can create and send payment links via email, phone, or other channels. 


Convenient and secure checkout experiences  

Prada Group uses these flexible payment options to give a true luxury experience. The Group can reach out to VIP customers and let them buy the latest styles while on the phone through secure links. 

Customers can also call customer service or the store when they want to make a purchase, pay in advance, and pick up their purchase from the sales representative.

Applied online learnings in-store


Serving customers where they are

After removing irrelevant steps in the online checkout, Cristiano and his team wanted to take these experiences in-store. To create effortless payments experiences with a human touch, Prada Group was looking for a minimalist way to let salespeople approach customers when and where they are ready to pay. 


Minimalist mobile payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone

With the help of Adyen, Prada Group was able to add mobile POS solutions to their US stores, including Tap to Pay on iPhone. Tap to Pay on iPhone allows sales representatives to accept in-person payments with only an iPhone wherever they are in the store, leaving clients to enjoy a luxury experience from the moment they step through the door.

To cater to different shopper preferences, V400m terminals sit tastefully on the Prada counter and can be brought to shoppers for easy and quick payments when the customer is ready.


Rollout of Adyen continues globally 

In the Prada Epicenter New York, salespeople serve customers with Tap to Pay on iPhone. They can add the human touch to every payment without a break in the journey by accepting contactless payments with only an iPhone. 

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, Prada Group’s US stores were able to scale up their payment operations instantly with easy installation and fast onboarding, and no extra hardware needed.

Thanks to the success of the Tap to Pay on iPhone in New York, Prada Group is planning to roll out the mobile payment solution globally.

On top of that, Prada Group has entrusted Adyen with their point of sale (POS) volumes in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Brazil in the last two years.

Understanding the full customer journey


Getting first-party data from all sales channels

For a consumer, it doesn’t matter whether they pay online or in person. Purchases from all channels are part of the same journey.

Prada Group wanted to get a better understanding of their customers in order to offer them the luxury experience they expect.

The Group needed enriched customer profiles with first-party data that would help them serve their clients better on all channels.


Unified Commerce drives shopper insights

All payments data from Prada Group’s online and in-person channels is collected in one place for a unified view with our single platform. 

Unified Commerce allows the Group to break through silos and collect reliable data about a single customer. This contributes to better insights, less guesswork, and more informed decisions.


Luxury experiences and valuable customer relationships

Prada Group uses data to give customers the same experiences across all channels. Using data to improve experiences lets them prioritize the human touch and making any step that is not relevant to the customer experience invisible.

It's a proactive maneuver by The Group. According to The 2024 Adyen Index, 43% of global consumers prefer retailers who remember their preferences and previous shopping behaviors to create a more tailored shopping journey. 


Prada Group has only just begun with innovating the customer experience through payments. After the initial launch of Tap to Pay on iPhone in the Prada Epicenter New York, they’re already planning to roll out the technology in brand stores globally.

As shoppers demand more personalization and attention from their retailers, Prada Group ensures they will be ready to meet those demands. The collaboration with Adyen underscores their commitment to perfecting the luxury payments experience, both in-store and online. 

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