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R.M. Williams powers a unified commerce shopping and payments experience with Adyen x Newstore

Leveraging payments data to get a full understanding of customers' shopping behaviours and actionable insights

October 28, 2021
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R.M. Williams powers a unified commerce shopping and payments experience with Adyen x Newstore

The coronavirus pandemic has increased customer expectations for high quality shopping experiences. Many retailers, however, are struggling to establish a unified customer experience due to the sheer volume of channels and devices they need to manage to interact with today’s shopper. The challenge is… customers don’t see channels, they see brands, and they want the same great experience at every touchpoint. This is encouraging many brands to implement new, integrated solutions to deliver this experience when, where and how the customer wants to buy.

Overcoming silos

With a finite number of resources to manage all of these channels, retailers need to be discerning when setting and evaluating their distribution strategies. Often this requires new technologies and practices, to eliminate silos and overhaul inconsistent customer experiences.

What’s more, different touchpoints - be that website, in-store register, app, or kiosk - yield different pieces of information. When those pieces are siloed, you don’t have a holistic view of your customer and can’t fully understand their behaviours, preferences, or motivations. A unified commerce solution where all transactions are managed through one platform, makes it possible to recognise the same shopper across different touch-points, in different regions, and on different channels. This single view significantly helps a retailer's ability to capitalise on them.

Two partners - one unified goal

Australia’s iconic boot maker and leather brand,R.M.Williams,is the first local customer to leverage the combined Adyen and NewStore solution. In order to succeed, R.M.Williams knew they needed to meet the expectations of today’s savvy, omnichannel shoppers, which is why they selected NewStore and Adyen to help them achieve their ambitious growth targets.

In selecting apayment service providerto support their ambitions, R.M.Williams acknowledged its need to provide seamless, more personalised customer experiences across channels. Through unified commerce, R.M.Williams’ connection with its customers will become much stronger, across every customer service touchpoint.

“The integration means we can deliver a unified omnichannel experience and provide a smoother checkout process in-store with mobile checkout and endless aisle capabilities. It also means we can extend digital into physical retail by connecting our in-store systems to our online ecosystem. This will allow us to leverage Adyen’s Unified Commerce payments data to get a full understanding of our customers’ shopping behaviours and actionable insights,”

Nathan AlexanderCTO, R.M.Williams

What's next for R.M.Williams?

With the support of Adyen and NewStore, R.M.Williams is well-positioned to continue its international expansion plans.

The move to a unified omnichannel commerce strategy will enable R.M.Williams to reduce complexity with one platform for every channel. Thanks to Adyen's payment tokenisation technology and the NewStore Omnichannel Platform, R.M.Williams can now link transactions to customers across all channels – maximising every customer touchpoint. An additional benefit of working with Adyen and NewStore is that R.M.Williams can easily switch on relevant payment methods and devices, including digital wallets and support for additional currencies.

With the combined offering, R.M.Williams has the agility to pivot fast, adjust to market conditions, and keep their customers happy – ensuring it’s ready for whatever comes next.

Payment tokenisation

What you need to know about tokenised payments

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A new partnership to support Australian merchants

Adyen andNewStore, a turnkey omnichannel store solution, have a strong history of partnership. With R.M. Williams we bring that to Australia, to help local merchants accept payments across all sales channels. With Adyen’s all-in-one payments platform and a NewStore-powered omnichannel store experience, retailers can be ready with the modern POS solutions, payment methods, functions, and features needed to unify their digital and physical channels. All of this helps to meet the customer when, where and how they want to pay.

Adyen and NewStore offer a turnkey omnichannel store solution to brands

“Over the past year, NewStore has seen significant growth as retailers seek to respond to market challenges with agile and innovative technology-first solutions. We see a great opportunity for success in Australia, particularly through our partnership with Adyen."

Stephan SchambachFounder and CEO, NewStore

"Adyen’s reputation of delivering unified commerce with rich insights for its merchants, combined with our omnichannel-as-a-service platform, will help bolster our ability to deliver cross-channel connectivity for Australian retailers.”

“We’re excited to be in partnership with NewStore to offer an integrated payments solution that has real benefits for merchants and customers alike,” agreed Hayley Fisher, Country Manager AUNZ, at Adyen. “We are committed to helping retailers improve their customer shopping experience across every touchpoint,” she concluded.

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