Adyen for Zuora

Power your recurring and subscription payments

Businesses that use Zuora can integrate with the Adyen payments platform and easily switch on recurring payments for their customers anywhere in the world.

  • Fast global expansion
  • Simple integration
  • Accept credit cards and SEPA DD
  • Integrated reporting and reconciliation

Accept cards and local payment methods

When you integrate with Adyen for your subscription and recurring payments, you'll be able to accept cards, as well as other payment methods, such as SEPA Direct Debit and iDEAL/Sofort to SEPA DD. This means you can provide a local experience to your global customers.

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Simplify your integration and setup

There's no additional integration required for accepting cards and other payment methods once you're connected to Zuora. After you sign on with Adyen, you drop account details into the back end of Zuora, type in the credentials we provide, and you're ready to go. We are also the only payments provider to have integrated reporting and reconciliation with Zuora.

Achieve the best results on all your transactions

Zuora customers that use Adyen for payments benefit from a comprehensive payments solution built on the most modern technology. We connect directly with card schemes and other payment methods, which means you get the best possible result for each card transaction, maximum stability and increased conversions.

Offer one of the top payment methods in Europe

SEPA DD is a key payment method for businesses looking to expand in Europe. Adyen is currently the only company with the ability to accept iDEAL or Sofort to SEPA DD transaction. This means customers can start their subscriptions using iDEAL or Sofort, then make subsequent recurring payments with SEPA DD.

Image quote by Jason Kelles
Our goal is to optimize the entire payments journey, not only for our customers, but also for our internal team. Adyen provides a flexible payments solution that fits our needs, and we've seen a meaningful uplift in paid conversions since we launched Zuora.
Jason Kelles  —  COO, Busuu

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