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Often a strategic choice for businesses, keylight enables the launch and scaling of recurring revenue with speed and flexibility, requiring minimal customization effort compared to conventional subscription billing platforms.

Turning every subscription transaction into an opportunity

Keylight and Adyen's technology partnership offers flexible and seamless recurring billing and payment solutions, strengthening customer relationships and maximizing revenue across diverse segments and markets.

The user-centric subscription business platform

Keylight is the most powerful end-to-end subscription business platform on the market, featuring fully configurable customer and partner journeys, portals, advanced subscription billing, revenue, and forecasting capabilities.

Subscription commerce solutions optimal for scaling your revenue with keylight and Adyen

Combine keylight's flexible platform with Adyen's payment solutions for well-integrated experiences throughout the customer journey. Internal business users will benefit from real-time status feedback, making every recurring payment process a great experience for everyone.

Keylight + Adyen

In keylight, define the order of the shop, shopping cart, form, and authentication steps in the customer journey. Adyen provides diverse payment methods at checkout for your global customers.

Revenue leakage prevention

With an API-first approach to integration, keylight and Adyen enable admins to configure payment retry rules, defining how failed payments should be handled, including retry frequency and customer communication sequences.

Real-time status feedback

Empower your admins to stay informed about the payment processing status and maintain full transparency.

Multi-currency & localization

keylight's native multi-currency and localization capabilities, combined with Adyen’s global payment methods, allow your business to offer localized billing and payment experiences to customers.

keylight's end-to-end subscription solutions

Subscription Commerce

Streamline your sales process with CPQ and accelerate go-live with configurable customer order journeys, including customer and reseller self-service portals.

Subscription Management

Diversify your pricing models and automate downstream operational processes, enabling your customers and teams to easily manage subscriptions.

Recurring Billing

Customize billing cycles and automate invoicing with advanced software logic to enhance your accounting workflows.

Revenue Management

Define custom revenue recognition rules in keylight or seamlessly connect with accounting or ERP solutions to streamline your financial operations.

Data Analytics

Leverage comprehensive data sources within keylight to deliver user-centric reports, or flexibly export or synchronize these reports between platforms.

Keylight video

Keylight video