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The power of collaboration: Discover how RSC Anderlecht increased its F&B revenue by 36.6%

Discover how the iconic soccer club RSC Anderlecht is creating customer journeys of the future.

May 2, 2024
 ·  6 minutes

Founded in 1908, RSC Anderlecht (RSCA) is one of Belgium's most prominent football clubs, boasting a rich history. The club has left its mark on European football with national and international successes, with 34 titles in the Belgian Pro League.

RSCA is also a breeding ground for talent—young footballers from its Academy excel at the highest level.

RSCA's ambitions extend beyond the sport. The club positions itself as a leading entertainment company. Lotto Park, the club's home ground, is more than just a football arena.  

In its shift towards more than just sport, RSCA is enhancing the visitor experience. Lotto Park is home to cutting-edge light shows that enrich the stadium atmosphere and transformed stadium catering.

Frustrations and long queues

They were looking for a payment partner that could help enhance their customer journey since their traditional payment systems often resulted in frustrations and long queues for visitors.

A few years ago, whenever you wanted to buy a drink at Lotto Park, you had to use an RSCA reloadable card. Visitors needed to purchase this card on arrival and would load credit onto it to buy their drinks. 

Whenever supporters wanted to buy something, they had to check their balance and potentially add more credit. Often, people would find out at the counter that your balance needed to be increased. The result? Long queues caused visitors to miss parts of the game, and the credit remaining on the RSCA reloadable card could only be refunded via the website after the season ended.

The payment setup affected the experience for loyal season ticket holders and the flexibility of one-time visitors. If someone forgot their RSCA reloadable card at home, they had to get a new card and charge it.

The ultimate visitor experience

RSC Anderlecht is taking a radical step in transforming the customer journey. In collaboration with Adyen and Twelve, the club has implemented a payment system that allows stadium visitors to use their regular bank cards instead of the RSCA reloadable card. 

The result? The introduction of Belgium's first open-loop system.

The open-loop system lets visitors pay through the stadium using their regular bank cards. But it doesn't stop there. All transactions can also be effortlessly made via mobile devices. Visitors only need their smartphone with a digital wallet to move around the stadium.

This new system ensures the smooth processing of every transaction. It increases visitor convenience and ensures they can experience crucial moments of the game. This transformation brings efficiency and gives RSCA more insights. 

Transitioning to monthly payments

RSC Anderlecht has always distinguished itself as a club that strives for innovation on and off the field. One of the most notable changes is the shift from annual to monthly subscription payments. In collaboration with Adyen and Roboticket, a ticketing platform, RSCA has made waves in the Belgian football world by introducing the first monthly subscription model.

Until recently, supporters had to pay the total amount of their RSCA membership upfront. With Roboticket's new service, 'Robosubs,' RSCA has introduced a monthly subscription model. 

The new model offers supporters the freedom to subscribe throughout the year and pay monthly. This flexibility has made memberships more accessible for supporters and helps RSC Anderlecht's campaigns throughout the year. Did RSC Anderlecht win over the weekend? Then, they can immediately promote subscription sales on Monday.

Following the introduction, RSCA saw a rapid increase in subscriptions. The monthly subscription appeals especially to a young audience. Season ticket holders between 16 and 26 are twice as likely to choose the monthly subscription. As a result of a more accessible subscription model, RSCA has sold the highest number of subscriptions in 10 years.

The collaboration between RSCA and Roboticket, facilitated by Adyen, enables the monthly collection of subscription fees. A token is generated for each payment. Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive data. When a fan chooses to store card details, RSCA can request a token to use the card for future payments. Thanks to Bancontact WIP technology, visitors can activate the recurring subscription online and in the stadium from the terminal.

This modern approach simplifies the monthly collection for RSCA and ensures a secure and seamless payment experience for visitors, further strengthening the connection between the club and its supporters.

36.6% revenue increase for refreshments

The collaboration between RSC Anderlecht and Adyen has brought efficiency on matchdays and translated into impressive results off the field. 

The entire fan journey is now powered by digital payments, from buying tickets to purchasing drinks and merchandise. As a result of the open-loop systems, RSCA has seen a 36.6% increase in F&B revenue. 

The average transaction value has increased by 18.5% and the club has witnessed a 13.3% increase in the number of transactions per game.

A new era for RSC Anderlecht

RSC Anderlecht's willingness to innovate with partners like Adyen, Twelve, and Roboticket has improved the customer journey and reflects RSCA's broader vision to become a leading entertainment company. 

The shift from a fragmented landscape of various integrations to a centralized partner has paved the way for further innovation, such as the transition to subscription models. RSCA is now a leader on the field and in the customer journey.

The integration of cutting-edge technology and the pursuit of continuous improvement demonstrate RSCA's determination to position itself as a leading entertainment company that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of a football club.

RSC Anderlecht's journey is an inspiration for clubs striving for innovation in the modern world.

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