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How Moose Knuckles makes every checkout a luxury experience

Inside the Canadian retailer’s journey to simplified payments with Adyen and Teamwork Commerce

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Do you need this blog in French? Read here. Luxury Canadian outerwear and clothing brand Moose Knuckles is known for reengineering tundra-born innovation to fit metropolitan life. Their irreverent, devil-may-care approach is a part of their heritage, dating back to the company's pioneers – whose mission to live unrestrained still fuels the brand's fire today.

Since its establishment in 2009 in Montréal, the company has seen substantial annual growth in sales. A robust micro-influencer approach, strategic wholesale partnerships, and timely flagship openings have helped Moose Knuckles entrench itself in the luxury outerwear space. As a result, the brand is a celebrity favorite worn by Alanis Morrisette, Method Man, Natasha Lyonne, Pete Davidson, and Post Malone, among many others.

At Moose Knuckles, putting their community first is standard practice. And the payment process is no different. We spoke with Andrea Elliott, Moose Knuckles Executive Vice President - Direct to Consumer, to learn more about how a partnership with Teamwork Commerce and Adyen helps the brand stay nimble in an ever-evolving environment.

In luxury retail, there’s no room for friction at checkout

A high-end retail experience leaves no detail untouched. And luxury shoppers have zero tolerance for anything less than the best. So when it's time to make a purchase, Moose Knuckles prioritizes providing payment options their customers prefer. "Payments are absolutely part of the brand experience for Moose Knuckles," says Elliott. "We cater to a very diverse, very tech-savvy, progressive audience who loves our brand and expects the same consideration we put into our products applied at checkout. They want the best options. We provide them. It's what we do." "We chose Adyen as our payments partner for their seamless connection with our mobile POS provider, Teamwork Commerce," continues Elliott, "as well as their global presence. At the time of the switch, elevating the payments process was pertinent. Adyen had the right mix of innovation, technology, and expertise we were looking for." Moose Knuckles is now able to scale innovative payment experiences for customers wherever they grow, including:

  • Digital wallets – Apple Pay, Google Pay, Union Pay, AliPay, and WeChat Pay via QR code are all accepted on a single mobile POS (point of sale).

  • Mobile POS terminals – shoppers can pay anywhere in-store, and the entire fleet connects to Adyen's single platform.

  • Pay by Link – remote payments can be taken in-store or for call-in orders using a secure payment link created by Moose Knuckles and hosted by Adyen.

Models in pastel colors with jackets

Sustainable growth means having the right payments partners

With the global luxury goods market expected to increase from $306.9 billion to $382.6 billion by 2025, there’s a lot of room to play for a high-growth brand like Moose Knuckles. Staying flexible while pursuing expansion requires best-of-breed partners across all facets of the business. "We're a Canadian brand and proud of it," says Elliott. "But we're also a global brand, with flagship and pop-up stores in major cities throughout the world, as well as a robust ecommerce presence with our website. We have customers from all over the world. To best serve them, we need to be able to scale our in-person footprint up or down as we see fit." “Teamwork Commerce is a leader in the mobile POS space specializing in luxury retail experiences,” adds Elliott. “Their connection with Adyen simplifies everything we do, unifying our channels in one system for a much better picture of our customers. That makes rolling out new pop-up locations so much easier from a payments perspective.” The integration between Teamwork Commerce and Adyen has helped simplify Moose Knuckles’ payments tech stack in many ways, including:

  • A reduction in payment partners – before switching to Adyen, Moose Knuckles managed at least four different payment partners. Now, it’s just one.

  • Easier expansion in new markets – without the need to onboard additional payments partners in new regions, Moose Knuckles can act on growth plans with agility.

  • One source of truth – Adyen’s comprehensive reporting helps Moose Knuckles achieve a full view of how customers pay using a single area for all payments data.

Customer loyalty is easier when sales channels are unified

Not only do consumers spend 40% more when they shop on more than one channel, 73% expect brands to sell across multiple channels. This is especially important for high-end retail, where customers expect brands to anticipate and meet their changing preferences in real-time.

“I think no luxury retail brand can say that an omnichannel approach isn’t table stakes after the pandemic,” says Elliott. “You can’t just always sell in the places you’ve always been selling – you have to diversify strategically and execute on adjustments as the landscape shifts.”

With Adyen and Teamwork Commerce, Moose Knuckles can deliver experiences that help grow customer loyalty through:

  • Shopper recognition across channels Moose Knuckles can personalize the experience through the right mix of payment methods wherever customers buy.

  • Forward-looking payment experiences floor staff can use our Pay by Link iOS app to facilitate phone orders for faster authorizations and more secure transactions.

  • Agility in a fast-changing environment – having the ability to switch on new locations and payment methods at will means Moose Knuckles can stay one step ahead.

Up next for Moose Knuckles? More growth, done their way

“Moose Knuckles is unlocking innovative payment experiences that meet its brand expectations with Adyen,” says Sander Meijers, Adyen’s Canada Country Manager. “For customers, that means more personalized journeys that adapt to their changing preferences. For Moose Knuckles, that means better conversion, data, and insights across sales channels wherever they grow.” “Looking ahead, we’re eyeing store openings in new regions,” says Elliott, “which will help us tap into budding consumer demand. We’ve also moved our ecommerce payments to Adyen, allowing us to deliver cross-channel experiences and new payment methods. Now that we have simplified our payments, we’re ready to realize that growth on a much faster timeline than ever before.”

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