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Hypersoft: Mobile terminals for tailored experiences in the hospitality industry

Time is money - this is especially true for the hospitality industry. Learn how Hypersoft is transforming the hospitality industry with Android mPOS terminals and a purpose-built app.

December 27, 2022
 ·  4 minutes
Phone and terminal payment with food beside burger fries

What’s the connection between a programmer and restaurateur? At first glance, these two may seem to be worlds apart, but it’s the collaboration between the two that led to the success ofHypersoft, one of the leading manufacturers of point of sale (POS) systems for the hospitality industry.

Farhad Djavidan, a programmer, and Andreas Kol, a restaurateur, founded Hypersoft with the shared goal to simplify hospitality operations through one system.

Hypersoft is now a household name for restaurant system software in the DACH region. They provide an all-in-one solution for hospitality businesses, including everything from POS systems to self-order terminals.

By launchingHYPERSOFTPay powered by Adyen, Hypersoft now offers their customers innovative payment solutions, including mobile Android terminals from Adyen and an app that can be installed on them. We spoke with Niklas Luwinski, Hypersoft's Head of Digital & Payments, about what this means for hospitality businesses.

The challenge

Bulky hardware and disconnected systems

It's a Saturday evening. Your restaurant is fully booked and your employees are running back and forth between the tables and the cash register. The situation is so hectic that they forget about what’s important - providing guests with an excellent experience.

This is just one of many scenarios where disconnected systems and outdated devices create problems for restaurants that often result in higher operating costs and operational inefficiencies.

According to Niklas, finding a solution is not that simple: “Restaurants are confronted with a high level of complexity. There is a labor shortage, customer expectations are rising, and the market consists of thousands of different providers. Restaurants also often lack the necessary know-how or capacity to implement digital solutions on their own."

Even if a restaurant finds a solution, it’s not always adaptable to their specific requirements. “When a business grows, many digital solutions don't grow with it. Restaurants want a long-term solution,” Niklas adds.

Woman paying with phone and terminal

The solution

Android mobile POS terminals

In 2021, Hypersoft launched HYPERSOFTPay powered by Adyen, a payment solution that centralizesonlineandin-person paymentswith other operational processes. "Now customers only need one solution to manage many parts of their business, such as checkout, shopping, and payments." says Niklas.

The terminals are smartphone-sized, all-in-one tools that replace many of the devices and systems that can create inefficiencies for hospitality businesses.

Customizing the terminals

Hypersoft quickly realized the potential of the terminals, and before they were launched they began developing an accompanying app that can be tailored to their customers needs.

“The implementation was a very collaborative process. We were among the first to use the new Android terminals. Initially, there were of course a few things that required modification. We sent feedback directly to Adyen, who always implemented the feedback within the discussed time frame,” Niklas explains. "When the app was finished, we uploaded it to the Adyen Customer Area. Adyen checked it and installed it on the Android terminals."

"The possibility of developing your own software for terminals is not that common. But Adyen provided us with the opportunity to do so. We worked closely with their support and development teams during the implementation, and the help we received was excellent."

Niklas LuwinskiHead of Digital & Payments, Hypersoft
Food and Beverage payment cash register

The result

Mobile terminals tailored to their customers

Together with Adyen, Hypersoft was able to develop the app in time for the launch of the Android mPOS terminals. The terminal and the app together make it possible for businesses to:

  • Accept payments
  • Power your cash register
  • Manage inventory
  • Check previous orders
  • Build loyalty programs
  • Facilitate better staff communication

Businesses who use the Android mPOS terminals together with the Hypersoft software don’t need to switch between different tools, systems, and payment terminals. "The workflow for service staff has improved a lot. Mobile Android terminals are the ideal solution for both service staff and guests," says Niklas cheerfully.

Businesses often spend a lot of time onboarding employees onto different tools and devices. Adopting Android mobile POS terminals, similar to the intuitive technology we’re used to in our smartphones, makes employee training easy.

"Since our customers began using Android mPOS terminals, the phrase 'I'll be right back with the payment terminal' has become obsolete."

Niklas LuwinskiHead of Digital & Payments, Hypersoft

Almost 500 restaurants are already using Adyen at the POS, and approximately 700 Android mPOS terminals are already available. "The demand for both is increasing," Niklas adds.

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