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Double donations for the planet this Earth Month with Giving

We’re matching every donation made via the platform for WWF, beginning at Earth Hour, March 25th.

March 7, 2023
 ·  4 minutes
Double donations for the planet this Earth Month with Giving

For Earth Month this year, we’re doubling every donation made via the platform to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature(WWF) and the campaign kicks off later this month at Earth Hour, on March 25th.

What is Earth Hour?

Back in 2007,WWFAustralia were trying to come up with an innovative way to get mass buy-in on a topic that felt quite intangible at the time: the climate crisis.Earth Hourwas conceptualized, encouraging all participants to take a moment to turn out their lights and pause to consider both our individual, and collective impact on the planet.

Since then, Earth Hour has become a platform upon which governing bodies, companies and more have launched large scale environmental initiatives.

This year, we’re working with WWF to facilitate a global campaign that spans Earth Month - beginning at Earth Hour and continuing past Earth Day on April 22nd. You can involve your customer in the campaign at checkout online and in-store, using materials created by WWF and Adyen. The campaign is easily configurable in the Customer Area.

“Supporters in over 190 countries and territories will create the Biggest Hour for Earth, part of WWF’s efforts to turn a single Earth Hour into thousands and millions of hours of action and awareness. In doing so, the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaign will shine an unmissable global spotlight on the twin perils of nature loss and climate change.”

Egan HwanCorporate Engagement Communications, WWF

How does Adyen facilitate global donation campaigns?

We launched our first Moments that Matter campaign last year in response to the outbreak of the Ukraine war. Brands that had been using our donation featureGiving–or wanted to in the future–were asking how they could support those affected by the sudden escalation in aggression. So to facilitate an impactful and, more importantly, fast response we created a campaign of sorts whereby you could opt-in and fundraise together with your customers.

walrus WWF

The Walrus from Space project is an ambitious 5 year collaboration between WWF-UK, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and research groups around the Arctic.

Emmanuel Rondeau

We created communications materials which could be adopted easily at terminals or in online checkouts, and employee instruction toolkits to encourage proliferation of the message of solidarity. And we collaborated with one global charity, so no matter where you operate, you could begin accepting donations.

It was a big success, which in a year has raised €4M at your checkouts, and we’ve matched everything, so the UNHCR, our chosen charity for the response, has received €8M by way of this campaign.

The success and level of participation in this initial campaign determined we would do others. This year you can get involved in global campaigns for Earth Day, Pride, and a holiday season event later in the year. And we will match all donations made via the platform at these moments for our chosen global charity partners.

Why are we doing an Earth-focused campaign this year?

In 2022 we announced that we will donate 1% of our annual net revenue every year to initiatives that support the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals (UN SDGs). The nature of our business means we have connections to thousands of global brands, and with that, are uniquely positioned to drive positive change.

Ultimately, we feel we have a responsibility to others to facilitate collaborative action, and view this campaign and partnership with WWF as a means to do so.

WWF is the world’s leading independent organisation working to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.Their expertise in this field, and their vision for donations raised encourage and even excite us about the potential for positive action.

What will your donations do?

We know that one million species are now threatened with extinction and global wildlife populations have declined by a staggering 69% since 1970.

WWF’s conservation efforts work in tandem to their preventative efforts: safeguarding the natural world - the oceans, forests and freshwater that underpins all life. They protect iconic species at risk of extinction because of warming and other dangers. And of course, a huge amount of their work goes into stopping and reversing the impacts of climate change.

So in light of all of the above, why not think about turning Giving on for the planet this Earth Month and start raising funds for WWF at checkout?

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