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Double donations for the planet this Earth Month with Giving

To celebrate Earth Month, we’re matching every donation made via Giving for environmental organizations during April.

March 29, 2024
 ·  4 minutes
Double donations for the planet this Earth Month with Giving

For Earth Month this year, we’re doubling every donation made via the platform to nonprofits dedicated to the protection and preservation of the planet. This is the second year of matching for the planet through our Moments that Matter initiative.

Moments that Matter and Giving

Adyen’s donation product, Giving, allows brands to process donations at checkout for nonprofits onboard the Adyen platform. 

Alongside this always-on solution, we also create campaigns at moments throughout the year–or in response to an emergency– so our customers can fundraise as a community for a chosen cause or causes. Many of the biggest fundraisers on the Adyen platform share similar philanthropic activations in a calendar year, so we chose those most celebrated and will match accordingly. We call these campaigns Moments that Matter. 

In 2023, we launched our first Earth-focused campaign with WWF, with customers pledging support to their mission to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

Earth Month, Earth Day, Earth Hour 

April is Earth Month. A time where millions around the world dedicate time to celebrate and do their bit to protect our planet. 

Earth Month is an expansion of Earth Day (22 April) which started in the US in 1970 and was created to raise awareness about the issue of nitrogen pollution, a byproduct of burning fossil fuels. 

Related to Earth Day is Earth Hour, a moment of unity that brings the world together, shines a spotlight on nature loss and climate change. Earth Hour started in 2007 by encouraging people to switch off their lights to show symbolic support for the planet and to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting it. 

Since then, Earth Hour has evolved and become a platform upon which governing bodies, companies and more have launched large-scale environmental initiatives. 

This year's Earth Hour served as a powerful beacon of hope and unity, bringing together millions of people worldwide in support and celebration of our planet. More than 180 countries and territories collectively contributed over 1.4 million hours, making this year's Earth Hour the biggest hour for Earth yet, with many more hours to follow as celebrations are still happening in many places.

WWF, the organization behind Earth Hour is one of the beneficiaries of Giving. WWF is an independent science-based conservation organization active in nearly 100 countries, working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife.  

Their expertise in this field, and their vision for donations raised encourage and even excite us about the potential for positive action. WWF is one of Adyen’s global nonprofit partners, which means they can be supported across a number of regions with a single contract. For Earth Day this year, if you choose to support WWF, we have also created a suite of next-to-terminal graphics and communications that can be developed easily.

Earth Day falls on April 22nd, and this year’s theme is Planet vs Plastics

There are a number of nonprofits in addition to WWF onboard the platform across North America, Europe and Australia that are actively targeting plastic pollution in oceans and rivers.  Surfers against Sewage in the UK use customer donations to activate communities to protect oceans and beaches across the island. Charity Water, with operations in the UK and US focus on providing clean water where it’s needed most. Funds generated are proliferated across 22 countries suffering with water pollution.

What will donations do?

We know that one million species are now threatened with extinction and global wildlife populations have declined by a staggering 69% since 1970. At Trees for All, they’re gearing up for Earth Day by reminding contributors of the simple importance of trees. “As Trees for All we celebrate Earth Day for the simple reason that trees are essential for all life on earth,” notes Joly Rogers, Partnership Manager. “They contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions for everyone.”

WWF’s conservation efforts work in tandem to their preventative efforts: safeguarding the natural world - the oceans, forests and freshwater that underpins all life. They protect iconic species at risk of extinction because of warming and other dangers. And of course, a huge amount of their work goes into stopping and reversing the impacts of climate change.  

So in light of all of the above, why not think about activating Giving for the planet this Earth Month and engage your customers on an important topic at checkout?

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