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Click to Pay: Taking online payments to the next level

Click to Pay is transforming manual card entry at checkout. Learn how to take the convenience of contactless payments to the online world.

February 27, 2023
 ·  3 minutes

Manual card entry is still the most common flow for online payments. You’re probably familiar with the inconvenience of needing to get up and get your card (if it’s not already at hand), remembering your card details, manually typing them, and making sure everything is correct.

These challenges negatively affect your business’s conversion rate and involve security risks, such as card details being stolen or shared with third parties, which in turn impacts your revenue.

This leads to a discrepancy between online and in-person payments. For instance, 58% of shoppers complete their checkouts by manually entering their card details and 55% abandon their cart if they have to re-enter their credit card or shipping information. This has a big impact on revenue coming from online payments.

We know how much investment goes into getting customers to the checkout page, and understand how frustrating it is to lose them after they’ve decided to buy the product or service.

As a business, it’s crucial to make payments as easy, quick, secure, and trustworthy as possible to not risk losing your customers.

Checkout enhancements, such as Click to Pay, digital wallets, or express checkouts aim to address these challenges and deliver an online checkout that exceeds your customer’s expectations while keeping payments safety and conversion success a priority.

Click to pay on screen

What is Click to Pay?

Click to Pay is a new way of paying within your existing card payment flow. The payment process is the same, but instead of entering the card details manually, enrolled customers see their Click to Pay cards on the screen. This brings the convenience of contactless payments to the online world as it eliminates the need for customers to manually enter card details at checkout.

Click to Pay is built on EMV specifications and is supported by major card schemes, such as Visa and Mastercard, and millions customers globally are already enrolled. Adding it to your checkout allows you to tap into a large customer base and offer them safe and seamless payments.

Benefits of Click to Pay

Click to pay is a universal solution that works across devices, businesses, and browsers. There are many reasons businesses should offer it to their customers.

Increase revenue

  • Conversion rates: Create an easy and seamless payment experience without the need to enter card details, leading to more people clicking pay, higher success rate, and increased conversion.

  • Authorization rates: Use a secure token to authorize the payment. Data shows that there is an average authorization rate increase of up to 2% when using a token.

  • Customer experience: Create trust and an intuitive experience for guests, first time customers, and for customers who only want to store card details with their bank.

  • Processing costs: Click to Pay has the same processing costs as regular Visa and Mastercard transactions.


  • Encryption: Use encryption to protect card details and make sure they stay with the issuing bank.

  • Chargebacks: Reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks by verifying the customer through a recognized device or a one-time password (OTP).

Click to pay on mobile

How does Click to Pay work?

Before using Click to Pay, the customer needs to create an account. This will be done primarily via their bank or alternatively during the checkout.

After the customer creates an account, they can use Click to Pay, which goes as follows:

1. The customer is identified using email or phone.

2. They’re verified using an OTP or a recognized device.

3. The customer gets access to their stored cards and can view them on the screen.

4. They choose their preferred card and complete the payment within seconds.

There are many ways to optimize your checkout. Click to Pay is one option that improves the checkout experience by eliminating the need to manually enter card details. Click to Pay is the next step for businesses that want to bring the convenience of contactless payments to the online world and take their checkout to the next level. 

Activating Click to Pay with Adyen is a simple process. Check out our documentation or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how to activate Click to Pay.

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