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Caudalie: Boosting global sales with Adyen and Magento

Discover how Caudalie is optimising its payments to improve its customer experience and increase conversions around the world.

August 3, 2021
 ·  4 minutes
Caudalie products with vineyard

Caudalie is one of the top anti-aging brands to be found in French pharmacies. It’s also a successful ecommerce brand for which it relies on two key players: Adyen and Magento. To discover how Caudalie leverages these partnerships to achieve such success, we spoke to Ecommerce and Digital Manager, Patricia Moy.

1. Hello Patricia. Can you tell us about the Caudalie brand?

“Caudalie is a natural and effective cosmetic brand that uses the remarkable antioxidant power of vine and grape polyphenols. Created in 1995 in the heart of the Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards, Caudalie chooses active ingredients that are both natural and environmentally friendly. With its own team of researchers, the brand markets patented cosmetics with the label ‘100% made in France’. In 1999, Caudalie created the first Vinotherapy Spa, which became the emblem of the brand's philosophy. Today, Caudalie is sold in 12,000 outlets in Europe, and on the ecommerce site”

Caudalie product photo

2. What challenges have you had to overcome to meet the expectations of today's customers?

“As our customers have become increasingly digital, we have had to rethink the user experience on our website so that we offer them an online experience that matches our high-quality products. Indeed, it has been very important for us to bring our distinctive brand DNA to life online. We have therefore reworked our interface to offer a customer-oriented site, highlighting our products and history via immersive storytelling and an optimal customer journey.”

3. How are Magento and Adyen relevant to these new challenges?

“Our challenge is to provide the ideal user experience that satisfies the expectations of our customers around the world. To achieve this, we decided to work with Magento and Adyen since they’re both international platforms that allow us to meet our needs in different regions. With 23 sites spread across Europe, the United States and Asia, we needed to adopt a personalised approach in each country. This includes delivery methods, after-sales service, and payment methods.

“Partnering with Magento and Adyen means we can personalise the customer experience worldwide."

“Partnering with Magento and Adyen means we can personalise the customer experience worldwide, optimise the customer journey, and provide an optimal user experience for all our customers.”

Caudalie product photo

4. The international market seems to be key for Caudalie. How have you approached it in terms of strategy and optimising your payments?

“It’s important to satisfy all our customers. This means first of all understanding their buying habits. A French customer will not have the same purchasing habits as a Dutch customer, for example. The former will prefer to pay by credit card while the latter will most likely want to use iDEAL.It’s therefore essential to have a champion on our side who knows these nuances and can integrate local payment methods. This is precisely Adyen's strength, which means we can offer our customers the payment methods they’re familiar with.”

5. How important is the customer experience when it comes to payments?

“The customer experience, whether online or mobile, must be as smooth as possible for our customers. We invest a lot in acquiring new consumers and we only get a few seconds of their attention to convince them that our shopping experience is flawless.

“That's why the integration of the payment page was an essential part of the customer experience, as was the storage of bank details for future purchases, which is a great way to build customer loyalty.

"Adyen takes care of the entire payment flow, allowing us to offer customers a smooth shopping experience."

“Adyen now takes care of the entire payment flow, whether online or mobile, allowing us to offer our customers a smooth shopping experience, which is essential to maintaining a high conversion rate.”

Photo of a Caudalie facial treatment

6. Unified commerce is on the rise. What strategies do you use to satisfy your customers?

We have created bridges between our different sales channels. For example, we offer the following cross-channel services:

  • Customers can access gifts via our loyalty program either during an ecommerce order or at a partner outlet using a download voucher system.
  • Our online store-locator highlights sales activities across 12,000 European pharmacies.
  • We offer beauty profiles/diagnosis in stores, which encourage customers to connect with us online.
  • Online gift vouchers are also valid in our Vinotherapy Spas and spa boutiques.
  • Customers can book spa treatments online.

“The great challenge for digital teams today is to move from offering an innovative omnichannel path to mixing all these customer paths with the same high level of service. That’s why we’re happy to work with experts like Adyen and Magento.”

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