Your ticket to better payments

Adyen for ticketing

  • Online and at the door sales in one system
  • Rapid international expansion
  • Easy one-click payments
  • Targeted fraud defense
  • Hassle-free refunds
  • Timely payouts

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Sell online and at the door from one system

With Adyen, you can manage all ticket sales in one system. This means you can sell both online and at the door, and event organizers needn’t rely on additional partners. Further, with all sales managed from the same place, event organizers will benefit from a 360-degree view of their tickets sales in real-time.

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"With Adyen’s omnichannel solution, we are now able to sell 100% of the tickets at an event." - Ruben van der Heuvel, ticketscript

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Sell tickets all over the world

Support international events around the globe by letting attendees pay for tickets in the ways they know and trust. Adyen supports all key payment methods in over 150 currencies, so you can sell tickets from New York to New South Wales.

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Make it easy to pay with one-click payments

Make payments a breeze both online and at the door with the latest technology that lets returning customers pay with the click of a mouse, the touch of a finger or the tap of a phone.

And because Adyen leverages tokenization you can be sure the payment data is secure while keeping your PCI compliance to a minimum.

Keep fraudsters out

With any event, the risk of fraud runs high. But with Adyen ​RevenueProtect we’ve got you and your revenue covered.

RevenueProtect uses data and machine learning to build intelligent rules that block fraudsters while letting genuine customers buy tickets without unnecessary interruptions.

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Make timely payouts

With Adyen, you can streamline your payouts by tracking what is owed to your customers from a single dashboard, and payout to them using various payment methods.

Take the hassle out of refunds

Sometimes life happens. We get it. That’s why we make it easy to issue last-minute full, partial, and in some cases multiple partial refunds.

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