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The global payments landscape

With cross-border ecommerce growing at more than double the rate of domestic, it's time to learn about global ecommerce payments.

5 May, 2015
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Disclaimer: This content is older than 4 years. Please note that some information may no longer be relevant.

Ecommerce revolutionized the way we buy and sell goods. It carved its way through the commerce world and is predicted to top almost $5 billion global sales by 2021. Small and businesses sell online from all corners of the world.

Websites and online platforms are easier than ever to set up. And accepting payments via an ecommerce payment system, using ecommerce payment processing, is the most effective way in different countries and is really important to understand.

Growing into new markets

Do you have international growth ambitions? If so you're probably thinking about localizing your website and setting up local entities. But before you do, it's important to consider how you'll be accepting ecommerce payments in each new market.

Success stories, like ofo and Daniel Wellington, prove that global expansion is possible just by offering key local payment methods and local currencies. The reason for this is simple. There are millions of customers across the globe with discretionary spending power, a high level of English, and an internet connection.

Did you know that a large chunk of your customers aren't using international credit cards to pay? For example:

  • In China, Visa and Mastercard make up a tiny proportion ofonline payments.
  • In Brazil, most cards issued are not enabled for international use.
  • In Germany, three quarters of shoppers prefer not to pay with credit cards.

Why local payment methods are so important

At the other end of the scale, offering localpayment methodsis absolutely crucial for big, established businesses to reach local customers. To ensure they reach a critical mass of customers, businesses like Facebook and Evernote offer local payment methods such as Boleto in Brazil, Alipay in China, and SOFORT in Germany.

Get to know global ecommerce payments

The potential of cross-border ecommerce is huge and, by harnessing global ecommerce payments, you'll be able to reach literally hundreds of millions of new customers.

To help you make sense of the fractured global payments landscape, and provide a useful reference when considering international expansion, we've created the global ecommerce payments guide.

In this guide you'll find:

  • A breakdown of key payment methods in 26 markets around the world.
  • Inside tips on payments best practices in each market to get the most out of each country.
  • Information on how Adyen can help you go global with a single payments partner.

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