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Amsterdam · July 06, 2022

Adyen provides omnichannel payments services to UNIQLO

Adyen financial technology platform supports Fast Retailing move to strengthen omnichannel payments for UNIQLO.

Adyen provides omnichannel payments services to UNIQLO

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Adyen (AMS:ADYEN), the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies, has been chosen by Fast Retailing, operator of UNIQLO, to power payments for the brand’s in-store and online checkout in multiple markets.

The integration with Adyen removes the need for multiple supplier contracts, allowing UNIQLO to easily consolidate and reconcile payments information across multiple channels. This single platform gives UNIQLO the flexibility to do faster rollouts of omnichannel services.

“We’re pleased to enable Fast Retailing in implementing a truly customer-centric structure that uses innovation to provide a great UNIQLO experience,” said Pieter van der Does, co-founder and CEO of Adyen. “It’s exciting to shop in a UNIQLO store in Amsterdam and know you’ll have the same checkout experience in other markets. We’re excited to enable Fast Retailing in using innovation to offer a truly customer-centric omnichannel experience that underscores the exceptional service shoppers have come to expect from the UNIQLO brand.”

About Adyen Adyen (AMS: ADYEN) is the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies. By providing end-to-end payments capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution, Adyen helps businesses achieve their ambitions faster. With offices around the world, Adyen works with the likes of Facebook, Uber, H&M, eBay, and Microsoft. The cooperation with Fast Retailing as described in this merchant update underlines Adyen’s continuous growth with current and new merchants over the years.