Modern Slavery Act

Adyen acknowledges the importance of legislation aimed at fostering responsible labour practices and sourcing, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act). Adyen has considered the Act as well as the guidance on the Act issued by the UK Home Office. The guidance indicates that companies should use a “common sense approach” in determining whether they carry a “demonstrable business presence” in the UK. 

Applying the aforementioned common sense approach, Adyen has determined that it doesn’t fall within the scope of the Act at this time, since the substance of Adyen’s activities is provided from the Netherlands with only limited support activities carried out in the UK. 

However, this should by no means be interpreted as Adyen taking the Act lightly. Adyen is fully committed to treating all of its employees fairly across the globe, irrespective of any specific country legislation and has internal policies in place reflecting this commitment. In respect of sourcing, Adyen currently only has one partner which is involved in manufacturing and production, i.e. Adyen’s warehousing and logistics services partner for point of sale terminals. Adyen ensures that this partner has compliance processes and procedures in place to adhere to relevant legislation covering responsible labour practices. 

In the event Adyen’s business would change in such a manner that it would fall within the scope of the Act in the future, Adyen commits to fulfill all necessary obligations in relation to the Act.

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