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How do top brands in Asia Pacific stay ahead, and how are they leveraging payments to succeed in today’s fast-changing business landscape? Hear from the best in retail, hospitality and other exciting industries in our podcast to find out for yourself.

Strategies to scale, adapt and expand by the region’s top retailers

Game-changing experiences shared by the world’s hospitality leaders

Wallets, cards, buy-now-pay-later and other payment method trends


Episode 1

Retail growth and payments strategies with ZALORA

We begin our Behind the Figures series with Asia's ecommerce giant ZALORA. As the retail industry evolves, we discuss catering to diverse shoppers in Asia Pacific, creating amazing shopping experiences, and how payments form an integral part of ZALORA's growth strategy.

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Insider conversations with the best in every industry

As a global payments service provider, Adyen works with leading brands in APAC and around the world – from retail, ecommerce, food & beverage to hospitality and many other exciting industries.

“We’re thrilled to be chatting with the best in the business – our merchants and partners that we work with throughout the APAC markets including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and also around the world. 

Besides stories behind their success, each episode will cover business insights and strategies, including how we’ve all adapted, pivoted and adjusted. These leaders will also share their experiences in growing their brands in this diverse region, the challenges they faced and the opportunities that came along. 

Whether it’s catering to changing customer preferences, payment demands, or how the business landscape may look like moving forward – we’ve shared many great ideas and conversations while recording the podcast. 

These insights would be informative for all listeners no matter which industry you may come from, so I’d recommend following Behind the Figures podcast and hear from these leaders throughout this series of 4 episodes,” Warren Hayashi, President, Adyen, Asia Pacific.

Stories from leaders in retail, hospitality, and more

Hear from Warren and other Adyen payment experts including Mark Rademaker, Global Head of Hospitality and Hayley Fisher, Country Manager of Australia and New Zealand as they chat with some of Adyen’s top merchants and partners in our Behind the Figures podcast.

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