Adyen payments integration for Mirakl

Accept all payments on your marketplace with Adyen plugin for Mirakl, and maximize your revenue thanks to our direct integration.

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Maximize your revenue with our direct integration

Mirakl is the marketplace platform chosen by leading enterprises, across industries, to scale eCommerce at the speed they demand.

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One integration, all of Adyen

Get our industry-leading checkout, fraud protection, and conversion optimization out of the box.

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Increase in revenue

According to Forrester Research, with Adyen you will see an average increase of 1.4% in revenue earned through more authorizations, less chargebacks, and a better checkout experience.

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Global growth

Expand into new markets quickly and start accepting payments in new markets from the moment you integrate. 

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Customer experience

Create a consistent experience across all sales channels. You’ll deliver a unified commerce experience in store, in-app, online, and wherever your business goes next.


One integration, many features

Discover the advantages of the Adyen Mirakl payments integration and offer your users an exceptional marketplace experience.

Subsellers fast-onboarding

  • Easy onboarding thanks to our fully embedded KYC setup
  • Achieve fast screening and onboarding of sellers

Expand fast worldwide

  • Plugin available all over Europe, North America, AUS/NZ/SG/HK
  • Adapt payment methods to the local needs of consumers and buyers

Benefit from Adyen unique payment features

  • Reliable integration trusted by many merchants
  • Enable a unified shopping experience

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