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Deel is the all-in-one HR Platform for Global Teams


Deel: the one-stop platform for managing global teams!

Deel is a comprehensive HR platform which: 1. Allows businesses to hire anyone, anywhere in the world, without the need to set up legal entities 2. Consolidates various HR tasks into a single platform 3. Helps businesses hire, manage, and pay their global team members in a compliant manner 4. Integrates with other tools in your stack


" Through Deel, we’ve been able to hire more than 150 people so far, and we have also relocated more than 10 employees to countries like the UAE and Switzerland. "

Luka Besling, HR Manager at Revolut

Deel's primary products


Global payroll services for compliant, timely salary distribution worldwide.


Employer of Record solutions for global employee management and compliance.


Contract management with Agency of Record for contractor compliance.


HRIS for streamlined employee data management and HR analytics.

Customer Story

How Turing expedited monthly payments from days to an hour for +500 contractors.

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