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Unlock more revenue using data and machine learning

We’re making the payment process simple, and at the same time, more beneficial for you and your customers. RevenueAccelerate is an all-in-one, always learning payments optimization toolkit that gets the most out of every transaction.

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Increase revenue across the payment flow

Optimize your transactions at every point of the payment journey. By testing and optimizing at the gateway and acquiring level, this toolkit learns in real time, as issuing banks update their preferences. Each part of a transaction is improved to squeeze more revenue out of every transaction.

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“A big advantage of working with Adyen is having a full payments stack of gateway, risk management, and acquiring in one system.” - Wade Stokes, Head of Operations, TransferWise

More approved transactions and better user experience

Sometimes laws, compliance, and regulations make things seem a little more complex than they actually are. Processing a payment with diversions isn’t an issue with our platform. RevenueAccelerate is powered by an additional Authentication Engine. This means you easily increase authorization rates, and improve user experience.

Understand why a transaction is refused

A lot can happen in the millisecond duration of a transaction. They can be refused for a range of reasons, from mismatched credentials to suspected fraud or recent shopper activity. 

These can send your risk system into overdrive. Even if the payment is being made by the right person there can sometimes be minor glitches.

RevenueAccelerate learns from the patterns and insights, gives you explanations, and guides you through the right authorization steps to take.

Reduce failed payments

Minimize the risk of unsuccessful transactions by automatically keeping shopper information updated, at any time. 

Use stronger authentication

Send transactions through 3D Secure 2 which makes authentication an opportunity, not a barrier. 

Recover declined payments with intelligent retries

Recover transactions with fewer retries ensuring cost efficiency: Auto Rescue retries transactions declined due to insufficient funds, meaning more revenue and less churn.

“The team works tirelessly to come up with the best solutions, and optimizes our processes every step of the way – powering our ongoing global expansion.”

Amelie Seguret, VP Marketing, BlaBlaCar

Steps to get started

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Adjust risk settings, payment methods and more.

Go live

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