Grow your revenue with data-driven payments

Driving credit card payments success rate

Old payments systems are a black box to merchants. With them, transactions are either approved or declined, and that’s the end of the story. RevenueAccelerate solves this problem.

It converts wrongly refused card transactions into approvals. It is a data-driven suite of automated tools, which work in the background of each payment to drive authorization rates and accelerate your revenue.

Converting declined transactions into approvals

Did you know that on average, up to 5% of global online card transactions fail because of flaws in legacy payments systems?

This means that up to 5% of your transactions have the potential to be approved if you can predict and react to these flaws.


Old systems - no insight into card refusals

Comprehensive data

Drawing on Adyen’s direct access to card scheme data, RevenueAccelerate uses automated machine learning to build intelligent logic to adapt both the format and route of each payment request in real-time, ensuring the highest chance of an approval.


Adyen Technology - full transparency and control

RevenueAccelerate is made up of the following components:


Smart issuer logic

Smart Issuer Logic

Automatically reformats payment requests according to each issuing banks’ specific preferences.



Intelligent routing

Dynamically routes transactions via the network and connection that will deliver the best results for that bank.



Dynamic Card Validation

Dynamically formats card validations as $0 or $1, depending on bank compatibility, dramatically reducing churn.


Account Updater

Keeps customer card information up-to-date, in real-time, even in the case of expired, lost or stolen cards.


Auto Retries

Automatically reacts to bank outages, selectively retrying technical refusals within milliseconds through alternative connections.


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"According to independent research firm Forrester, global ecommerce organizations that have piloted RevenueAccelerate report an average revenue increase of 1.43% - this translates into millions of dollars in unexpected profits."

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