Point of sale payments

One system, one partner and one contract to manage all point of sale payments across Europe, the U.S. and Australia.
  • E.U., U.S. and Australia payments in one system
  • Centralized view across stores and markets
  • Seamless customer journeys
  • EMV certified
  • Remote management of in store hardware
  • Easy integration with key POS platforms

Point of sale payments for the store of the future

Scale fast internationally

Managing point of sale payments has never been easier.

Adyen's unified solution will process payments from all your stores across Europe, the U.S. and Australia in a single integration. So with one partner, you can quickly roll out new stores and into new markets, while retaining a centralized view of your payments.

This means you can streamline your business, accelerate your international expansion and ultimately grow your revenue.

End-to-end solution

More than just a gateway for your payments, Adyen handles the entire payment flow, from the terminal directly to the card schemes. This means that from the moment the shopper swipes, inserts, or taps their card, the payment never leaves our platform. This eliminates the need for additional third parties, thereby reducing the points of failure.

As a result, we can deliver the highest possible payment success rate for every transaction.

Frictionless point of sale payments experiences

Frictionless point of sale payments experiences

Support contactless payments

Deliver a seamless payment experience consistent with your brand. Our terminals are NFC enabled, so it is easy to support all types of contactless payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay - and whatever comes next.

No more checkout queues

With Adyen's mobile point of sale terminals, sales staff can process payments from anywhere on the shop floor. This not only improves the shopper experience but reduces the number of sales lost due to long checkout queues.

Welcome international shoppers

Let international shoppers pay in the ways they know and trust by accepting cards such as JCB and UnionPay - all from the same terminal. You can also offer your shoppers the option to pay in their own currency by integrating Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) directly into the payment terminal.

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Secure, streamlined operations

Quick set-up and rollout

Choose from a wide selection of EMV-enabled payment terminals, which come with Adyen's software pre-installed, and are ready to plug-and-play straight out of the box.

We provide a one-off integration with your cash register solution via sample libraries, at no extra cost.

And of course, our team of experts is at your disposal to help you every step of the way.

Total security

All our devices are fully certified for EMV Chip & PIN, EMV Chip & Sign, magnetic swipe credit, and debit transactions. Our solution is PCI-DSS certified and our integrations are end-to-end encrypted, so only encrypted cardholder data passes through your cash register reducing your PCI scope.

Remote management

All terminals are managed and updated remotely, with new features rolled out and live at once in all stores. This means simplified training and maintenance, as the technology is the same across all stores.

And because everything is managed centrally, you can monitor your whole payment environment in real time, making adjustments to your settings across one or multiple stores on the spot.

POS integrations

We have integrations with POS and mPOS providers.

See integrations Documentation

Supported cards

Adyen's point of sale terminals

Below is a list of our most popular payment terminals. Click on a terminal below for more information:

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