Global acquiring

Simplified payment processing to grow your business

Get unbeatable performance, and take advantage of local expertise and connections wherever you do business.


Increase revenue with built-in acquiring

From the moment your customer pays, to settling in your account, you’ll enjoy a single payments platform managing the entire payment journey.

  • Maximize payment success and optimization rates 
  • No third party licenses with no hidden fees or add-on costs
  • All your processing data in a single place

“A big advantage of working with Adyen is having a full payments stack of gateway, risk management, and acquiring in one system." - Wade Stokes, Head of Operations, TransferWise

Process payments your way

Avoid integration and operational costs of going global by processing locally or across borders. You’ll enjoy the optimal solution to keep costs down, reduce time to market, and increase payment success rates.

High success rates

Increase payment success rates and experience less cross-border fails.

Local payments

Accept payments locally in new markets from integration.

Lower fees

Avoid cross-border card network and interchange fees.

Process locally

Cut out issuing bank surcharges for shoppers by processing locally.

Prepare for what’s next

Focus more time on growing your business and not worrying about managing multiple vendors for different payment types globally.

  • Unify acquiring with one solution for ecommerce and POS
  • Same acquiring solutions as the world’s biggest companies 
  • Stay up to date with the latest payment methods and tech innovation

The best authorization rates with a local approach

Because Adyen has full ownership over the entire payment flow, it is able to connect businesses directly to Visa, Visa Inc and Mastercard, plus key local payment methods.

Thanks to Adyen Acquiring's local approach, you'll benefit from local market conditions, which typically generate much higher authorization rates.

Adyen Global Acquiring covers the following markets

United States flag Brazil flag  Hong Kong flag  Australia flag  European Union flag  Singapore flag  New Zealand flag  New Zealand flag

"Adyen’s global reach is key for us to be able to increase our penetration with more payment methods.” - Patrik Falk, Product Owner Payments, Spotify


Get the most out of your payments using data

Increase revenue and get the best results with a direct connection to major card schemes. You’ll get detailed insights and take advantage data tools that work in the background of every customer payment.

  • Gather more data on your customers
  • Keep data in-house to optimize every transaction
  • One set of data for settlement and reconciliation reports

Forrester Consulting found that merchants working with us report an average revenue uplift of 1.4%.

Use the same technology as the world’s leading brands

Enjoy the latest features, always be up-to-date with new technologies and experience the same efficiency standards as the leading companies in the world.

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