Adyen Giving Eligibility Criteria

This document sets out the eligibility criteria for Adyen Giving, additional terms of the relationship will be governed by the Merchant (Adyen Giving) Agreement and Adyen Giving Addendum.

April 2020

  • Who is eligible for Adyen Giving?


    Any merchant (“you”) for whom Adyen currently processes payments is eligible for Adyen Giving.


    In order to be a charity eligible for Adyen Giving the NGO, charity or charitable foundation (“Charity) must meet Adyen’s KYC and onboarding requirements and be registered as a charity (or other applicable registration) in the jurisdiction in which the Charity operates.

    Please note that Adyen reserves the right to assess all requests made by Merchants and/or Charities on a case by case basis.

  • When will Adyen absorb the costs for Adyen Giving?

    Adyen absorbing the Adyen Giving costs

    Adyen will absorb the costs of the donation transaction (the “Adyen Giving Costs”) where the selected Charity supports at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Adyen will absorb the Adyen Giving Costs upto a maximum amount as determined by Adyen in its sole discretion. 

    In the event that the Charity does not support at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Adyen may still absorb some of the Adyen Giving Costs, as determined by Adyen on a case by case basis.