Donation matching with Giving

Let's fundraise together

To date, we've raised over $20M via our donations at checkout product Giving, and we want to raise more with you.

For all customers new to Giving, Adyen will match every donation made by shoppers until September 1st 2024.

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Giving: a simple way to connect with customers over causes you care about

As part of our commitment to accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we're encouraging customers on the Adyen platform to adopt donations at checkout and fundraise for causes across the globe.

Going live with Giving for the first time? Adyen will match every donation made by your customers. This matching period will last until September 1st, 2024, for a maximum of three months.

Getting started with Giving

For in-store donations, Giving can be easily activated on terminals via the Customer Area. Check out this how-to video for configurations and settings here.

For online checkouts, we have made it as simple as possible to add donation campaigns to your website or app. For more information on how to integrate, see here.

Choosing your nonprofit partner

There are over 70 readily available nonprofits to partner with at our nonprofit hub.

Whether it's the ocean or social activism; forestry or LGBTQI+ rights, choose one that aligns with your brand's values. Championing multiple causes? Easily switch throughout the year.

Donation matching criteria

This initiative is applicable to both Digital and Unified Commerce customers (currently not applicable for Adyen for Platforms), in countries where Giving is currently active.

Matching period ends September 1st 2024, with a maximum of 3-month matching per customer.

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