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Up Front with... idealo, GetYourGuide and HelloFresh

For our first edition of Up Front with Adyen, we talked to idealo, HelloFresh, and GetYourGuide about how their businesses have adapted over the last few months

July 24, 2020
 ·  3 minutes
Up Front with Adyen

Last week we hosted our first digital live event from our Berlin office, 'Up Front with Adyen'. With all of our physical events and conferences canceled as a result of COVID-19, we wanted to find a way to connect with our merchants and partners, while doing something fun and engaging.

Instead of following the traditional webinar setup, we decided to approachUp Frontas though it were a TV show and pre-recorded segments with some local Berlin businesses doing awesome things. We had an interactivebeer tastingsession with our attendees and got some exclusive insights from the founder of one of Berlin’s hottest start-ups,XouXou. For our live panel, we welcomed Ralf Krauß from idealo, Anirudh Lanka from HelloFresh and Dennis Köhler from GetYourGuide to learn more about recent changes in their industries. Watch the show below:

Up Front with idealo, HelloFresh, and GetYourGuide

Over the past few months, we’ve seen massive changes in consumer behavior across industries. With more and more people shopping online, many of whom for the first time, retailers must respond as quickly as possible, developing new ways to meet the demand. While some businesses are dealing with an increasing number of returns or even fraud due to the spike in online purchases, others are in the process of reorganizing their entire business strategy and offering more advanced products and services. Speed and flexibility are, as always, the number one priority for most companies.

We wanted to pick the brains of our panelists to find out how companies like HelloFresh, GetYourGuide, and idealo are approaching these challenges, what insights they can share with us, and how they’ll continue to do so in the future.

GetYourGuide, as a provider of tourist activities such as guided tours, excursions, and ticket sales, was severely affected by the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and suffered a huge drop in bookings from one day to the next. The main challenge was how they could continue to offer their customers certain services and retain their loyalty.

"At the time of the restrictions, we offered virtual tours that allowed travelers to explore the world from the comfort of their living rooms. For example, our travel community was able to join a cooking class given by our tour guide and chef Francesco from Florence live on Facebook."

Dennis KöhlerGlobal Head of Payments, Fraud & Treasury, GetYourGuide

HelloFresh, as a market leader for the supply of cooking boxes, faced a different but equally tricky dilemma of increased demand. Their challenge: to solve the new logistical requirements posed by a rush of new users, while coping with a growing number of fraud cases.

"We formed cross-functional teams from different areas, from warehousing and logistics to product teams, to understand all customer needs, solve problems together and also make more accurate predictions of what will be needed in the future."

Anirudh LankaSenior Product Owner Payments, HelloFresh

idealo, as one of the largest online price comparison portals, was also confronted with higher demand and quickly realized that the availability of products is now much more important than the price.

"As an agile company, we were able to react quickly to the changes and integrate newly gained knowledge into our OKR processes to prioritize these issues."

Ralf KraussHead of Payments, idealo

Some of the key questions answered by HelloFresh, GetYourGuide, and idealo:

  • How do you as a company move quickly and react to sudden changes?
  • In chaotic times, how do you build trust with your customers?
  • With restrictions being placed on physical shopping, more and more shoppers have been turning to ecommerce for the first time. How have your payment platforms accommodated these new shoppers, and will these changes stick around?
  • Increases in the volume of online shopping have resulted in increased rates of shopper fraud. How have you been addressing this?
  • As shopper volume increases online, so does shopper data. How can we use this data effectively to tailor customer experiences in online shops and ensure customer loyalty?
  • What have been the most positive changes you’ve seen your companies make? How can other companies replicate these positive changes?

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