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Transavia spreads payments wings with Adyen

Transavia is a European airline that partnered with Adyen in 2012.

June 18, 2015
 ·  1 minute
Transavia spreads payments wings with Adyen

Since then, the airline has made great strides in three key areas - optimizing3D Secure, adding local payment methods, and growing mcommerce.

A particularly interesting part of the relationship for airlines is the implementation of a dynamic approach to 3D Secure. 

With Adyen, Transavia is able to identify transactions that are high risk, based on a number of factors, including location, time, day of the week, transaction value, and more, and dynamically introduce 3D Secure only on those transactions.

"Based on a number of transaction values, we define per payment whether or not to implement 3D Secure. This means we can use data to identify high-risk transactions, and consistently adjust our setting to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions without impacting the customer payment flow," says Roy Scheerder, Chief Commercial Officer, Transavia Netherlands.

With this groundbreaking approach, Transavia now has fine grain control over which individual transactions it should introduce 3D Secure on, helping the business to increase overall authorization rates without inadvertently approving more fraudulent transaction attempts.

To find out more about how Transavia's partnership with Adyen is helping the business drive results with 3D Secure, localpayment methods, and mcommerce, click on the link below.

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